Dare to Love




It wasn’t my idea.


If I’d been completely sober, I might have stopped the crazies who burned the man effigy at the Anti-Valentine party I went to. I mean, that’s not really my thing. I don’t hate men. I’m just a normal, single girl trying to get through college without being noticed. Because everyone in my family is famous. And then the party and the stunt made national news. And there I was, front and center on the Film at 11.


It's okay. I’ve got this. I’ll dodge the paparazzi, and soon they’ll tire of me. I’ll sink back into obscurity.


Then he shows up—my little brother’s manager. He’s going to fix my reputation—thank you, I didn’t know it needed to be fixed. It was just one dumb party!


And apparently, he’s my date for Valentine’s Day, too. That ought to be fun. He doesn’t even like me. That’s okay. I don’t like him either.

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She said yes, now it should be smooth sailing and happily ever, right?


Blake and Gavin are getting married, but the nuptials have turned into a circus, thanks to their moms.


Will they make it to the altar or give up along the way?

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My teacher is hot AF, and unlike anyone else I’ve met, she cares. She’s sent me to detention more times than I’d like to count, but it only makes me want her more.


Yeah, she’s my teacher.


Yeah, there’s an age gap.


Yeah, she thinks I’m nothing but a bully.


She’s right on two of three. And that bully thing? Well, I might just have to bully her into being mine. But I’ll make sure she never regrets it.

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A college emergency means I need a 2nd job or I'm not graduating. Thankfully, the temp agency thinks I'm perfect for a position they've had on file.


I mean...I can't sing, but how difficult can it be to deliver Bunny Grams? Singing is the least of my problems when I go to my first delivery. I can't even speak after seeing the mouthwatering man before me. Not only that, but Embry Fitzgerald, billionaire tech genius extraordinaire, decrees today is my last day on this job.


Well, what am I supposed to do now? Lucky for me (or maybe not), Embry has plenty of ideas, and they all include me and him. I have a feeling I'm about to fall down a rabbit hole I probably won't escape.

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Sometimes, you do crazy things. And sometimes, they come back to bite you in the butt.


That would be me—the butt bite-ee. The one bitten. I thought I was in the clear, but then my “almost” one-night stand shows up to stare me in the face.


A month ago, I almost took the leap and hooked up with the drop-dead gorgeous, younger man. I chickened out. But now that he's found me, he's not about to let me run.

And I'm considering it. What could go wrong? No one needs to know, right?


Except for the part where he's a big-time hockey hotshot. And now I have to decide. Do I say puck it, and go for this bad-boy who really knows how to use his hockey stick or do I run as fast as I can for the safety of my old, boring life? Thing is, he's made it clear, I can run, but I can never hide. I'm his.


NOTE!!! This book was formerly titled Penalty Kill. It is the same story.

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I’ve been in love with Micha Sterling for ten years. Not that he knows who I am. He’s a movie star and I’m a baker from Podunk, USA.


But my sister… She’s a movie star, too. And when she asks me to switch up with her and go on a series of dates with the man of my fantasies, I can’t say no. I know it’s a bad idea. I know we should have grown out of switching up when we were in school. I know this will not end well. Still, I can’t pass up this chance to be with Micha, even if he thinks I’m someone else. But when I lose my heart to him, the only end to the story can be disaster.




The minute she walked into that restaurant, I knew she was destined for me. I can’t explain it. I’ve met her before and never had a reaction. Now? I can’t make her mine fast enough. Every moment we spend together confirms it. She’s less Hollywood and more real woman, exactly what I’ve always wanted.

But something is off. I just need to figure out what it is and hope it doesn’t ruin the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. My forever is right in front of me, and I can’t let her slip away. A few dates will never be enough. I want forever.

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When I came home to visit, I never expected to discover the old Victorian down the street was up for sale. I've always loved that place. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. I've made a name for myself flipping houses. It's always a challenge, but so worth it. But this time, the biggest challenge isn't the remodel. It's the contractor I've hired to help me. Who would have thought Trevor Grant would grow up to be so hot? Annoying? Yes, I would always have guessed that. But hot? Not in a million years. But now I'm contemplating things I shouldn't. Especially since I plan to be out of here by fall.




Getting the job working with Ginger is a dream come true--okay, let's be honest. It's a wet dream come true. But I can keep it professional. Granted, she didn't know it was me she'd hired. She'd expected my dad. Surprise. She's not thrilled, but I can see the spark in her eyes. It's that fire I'll use to prove I'm exactly the man she needs.



Going home for Thanksgiving will be different this year. I'm supposed to bring the rolls. Instead, I'm bringing my new Scottish husband—who no one's met. He needed a wife; I needed a break from my mom's nagging. It's a temporary match made in contract heaven.

Until I start falling in love. Now what do I do? Because in one year, I'll have to say goodbye, and my husband will take my heart with him.

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Brighton Banks... He's the boy next door, my secret crush and now my coworker.

Not that we actually work together. But when a security breach happens on my computer and it's taken over by Santa porn, guess who they send to fix it. The head of security, Mr. Brighton-I-Want-to-Marry-Him Banks.


Merry Anna Zania is my nemesis. And by that, I mean she fills my thoughts night and day. I start the morning carpooling with her and end it... Well, let's just say she's in my head and her name is on my lips. But I'm just the boy next door. I don't stand a chance.

When a very unfortunate, awkward virus takes over her computer, that naughty Santa might just give me the opportunity I need. This holiday season started out as bah-humbug, but it's about to become Merry and Bright.