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Series Reveal

I have something exciting to share today. We have been working on this for a few months and imagine how excited I am that 80+ authors have joined in on this project.

We present to you...

Heart of a Wounded Hero

What is it?

The Heart of the Wounded Hero series was created to pay tribute to and raise

awareness of our wounded heroes. Each of the over eighty authors involved have contributed time, money, and stories to the cause. These love stories are inspiring and uplifting, showing the sacrifice of our veterans but also giving them the happily ever after they deserve. By increasing awareness through our books, we believe we can in a small part help the wounded heroes that have sacrificed so much. To see all the books in the series and to support Semper Fi & America's Fund, please go to:

Semper Fi & America’s Fund cares for our nation’s critically wounded ill, and injured service members and military families. Supporting all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, they provide one-on-one case management, connection, and lifetime support. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Broken Perfection comes out September 11.

A little peek at Broken Perfection:

I grew up wanting to be GI Joe. Enlisted at eighteen. Made it through a war.

Being a survivor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I lost friends, my comrades, but kept on going. Duty and country over all. My drive made me the perfect soldier. Until a routine patrol left me without everything I’ve valued and been devoted to since childhood. Now I have to rebuild my life, with no family, no career and missing part of a limb. I’m broken. I’m finished…

Then along comes Little Miss Sunshine invading my pity party storm cloud. She’s determined to fix the grumpy recluse up on the mountain. And the more she keeps coming around, the more I want to keep her. But I can’t. She’s perfection and I can’t break her too.



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