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This Author's Life: March Edition

Welcome to This Author's Life. This is a feature I'll be doing once a month, in which, I'll show you snippets from my journal, and perhaps, tell you about some other things going on. (Apologies to anyone who got a draft of this post yesterday in your mail. This program can be beyond annoying!!!)

From My Journal

2/21/18: There is a creative life. You just need to claim it. -- Grant Faulkner, Pep Talks For Writers, 2017

2/22/18: By time-blocking last night, I was able to see where my few free blocks of time were today, so I can find time to write. I'm going to win today!

2/23/18: Yesterday, I got completely tipped off my axis. No matter what I tried, I couldn't refocus. (NOTE: I can't formally announce what happened until June)

2/27/18: You know what I'm anal about? Pens. I only use a certain brand. And they must have caps. And the caps must be on when not in use. And if I lose the cap, all is lost.

3/1/18: In like a whiner; out like a champ?

3/2/18: I wish the makers of the Alexa "My Morning" app would get it together and finally fix the dang thing. It's messing with my morning routine.

3/3/18: Heard something outstanding today: Don't let fear make your decisions.

3/6/18: Ugh! I need to get the lead out of my writing if I want to finish a book this month!

3/7/18: I'm grateful every day is a new opportunity for success. Today, I am a success.

3/9/18: Yesterday sucked, and not because it was my chaos day. Our pastor announced he's leaving next month. I cried myself to sleep.

3/13/18: At least it's not Friday the 13th. Also, I have a cold.

3/14/18: Got over the writing hump yesterday. Finally!

3/15/18: Today is off the rails--or, as Jen Hatmaker says, off the beam.

3/1618: Just about done with this book. Then trading one set of cowboys for another since I'll be diving into Daly.

3/17/18: Today's my friend's birthday. Memo to me: send her a nice text when it's not 5 AM. Don't forget!

3/19/18: Not enough coffee in the world today. (and later in the entry) Good news! I'm sooooo excited! I finished my book this weekend!

3/20/18: Book club last night. We were discussing So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson. It's basically about the media-shaming and cyber-shaming (also cyber-bullying) mostly through Twitter and Facebook. Parts of the book were terrifying. Everyone should read it.

3/21/18: I can barely write again. Do I need more conflict? I'll have to brainstorm that.

Some Pics:

I usually take a ton of pics every month. Not so much this month, but here are a few.

1st two are books I'm thinking of buying.

3. My Alexa on my scarred up desk

4. My favorite childhood book (for a post I made)

5. A Princess Bride meme, because...well, Princess Bride!

6. My dog protesting the weather

(There's more text beneath the pics)

What else:

I have a very short trailer for my upcoming book, as well as the blurb/cover copy for that book, posted on my coming soon page.

I'm also still filling guest spots for April and May. So far, I've been featuring authors, but I'd love to host reader/reviewers too. I promise, I'm gentle!! No fear!

As of this writing, I've read 90 books for the year. Be sure to check out my book rec post later this month!

As always, all my love,




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