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You Can't Fight Destiny

Have you heard? I had a new book out this month! Okay, I had TWO new books out this month. I'm posting about the other one in a separate post. I also had a bunch of re-releases because my old publisher closed (just the tip of the iceberg on those -- also a separate post, lol).

Today, just in time for Halloween, Grave Destiny!

I thought I'd share the back cover copy and a little excerpt so you can see what it's all about. But, before I do that, I wanted to tell you a few things about this book. Insider secrets, if you will.

1. This book is part of the Something Grave set put out by the Sexy Beaches Project (other authors: Lacey Thorn, Dakota Rebel and Tia Fanning). All the books are paranormal but they're all unrelated stand-alone stories.

2. I originally wrote Grave Destiny in 2005 as part of NANOWRIMO (for those who don't know, that's NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth). It's not actually a novel though. It's a healthy almost novel-length novella.

3. Yes, it took me 13 years and 4 drafts to revise. Let this be a lesson to you writers out there -- nothing is dead until you fully delete it from your computer. Hey, you never know when you're going to need the story!!! I did and I'm so glad I finally wrote that 4th Draft!

4. Grave Destiny was originally called Haunted. A little uninspired but accurate.

5. Have you read Tribute for the Goddess? You might recognize Bram and Zora from Chapter 11 and 12 of that book. In fact, Thad, the warlock/best friend in Grave Destiny is the hero of Tribute. While Tribute for the Goddess was originally released in 2008, it was the second book written. The book will be re-released in November.

6. The end of Grave Destiny received more than a revision. I did a total rewrite. While I didn't kill off anyone, I'd originally written something that would have gotten me A LOT of pissed off readers. Eek! What was I thinking?!?! An older and wiser Brynn rethought that action. I'd tell you what it was, but I don't want to give away the current ending.

So... What's Grave Destiny about?


Zora's new house has a little problem. The original owner never left…died…whatever. He's still claiming ownership of the mansion. Now, he says Zora is his, too.

It’s been a bad two centuries. First, Bram was cursed to a half-life within the walls of his own estate. It hasn't been lonely. His household staff was bewitched along with him—and that might be worse than being “almost dead.” Now, the descendant of his grave enemy has been given the home—Bram’s home. Not happening! Enough! Unacceptable!

He wants his mansion back. He wants his life back. And once he sees Zora, he wants the woman, too. Unfortunately, the only way Zora can fully belong to Bram is to be cursed to a half-life, too. Even more unacceptable!

But better a half-life than the other choice before them: Zora can sacrifice herself and Bram will be free. Totally unacceptable!

Decisions, decisions… What’s a ghost to do? The answer is clear to Bram. No. Way. In…Hades.

But…his woman…she has other ideas.


“Do not be frightened,” he urged.

“Who are you?” she demanded in a thin, wobbly voice as she backed toward the door she’d just bolted. She hadn’t been alone. Someone had been watching her. How had he hidden so quickly earlier?

“I will not hurt you,” the young man promised, just as another man materialize—materialized!—at his side.

“Joshua, what are you doing here?” the new man demanded, his deep voice rolling over Zora’s nerve endings, arousing her when she should be running in fear. Aroused or not, she kept backing away.

“I’m sorry, sir. I came to see if Lady Zora needed assistance.”

Her hand was on the door lock when the new intruder, larger and older and obviously possessing some sort of strange abilities, turned toward her. His dark eyes scanned over her in a blatantly possessive manner then narrowed slightly with an obvious desire.

Fuck… She had to get out of here.

“What do you want?” she asked. “I don’t have much cash, but it’s in my purse there on the dresser.” Her fingers worked frantically at the bolt that didn’t open nearly as easily as it had slid into place.

He smiled. “Young Joshua here, merely wanted to help you. As for me… I want you.”

“Who are you?” she rasped, trying to hide any weakness in her voice. Keep him talking. Perhaps, he’d be distracted by his speech, and she could escape before he crossed the few yards separating them.

He regarded her silently, expectantly, as if waiting for her to recognize him. “Zora,” he said, and she knew he purposely used her name to hold her attention. “You know who I am.”

She shook her head, denying her recognition along with the knowledge he’d appeared in thin air. And he was…semi-transparent.

She couldn’t breathe. She wasn’t easily terrorized, but then she wasn’t usually confronted with a ghost, either. Her gaze slid briefly to Joshua. Ghosts, she corrected. The younger man was a bit transparent, as well.

Black spots peppered her vision as unbearable heat flooded up her torso and neck. Her fingers turned to useless putty. Why couldn’t she get the door open? Why couldn’t she breathe?

She felt herself falling as the man she didn’t want to recognize darted toward her. As she lost consciousness, she admitted she did know him.


Bram Wingate had died two hundred years ago. Apparently, his spirit had never left. Amazon ~~ B/N ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes ~~ Google Play



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