Steamy in Sweetville

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I think it’s time to move. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sweetville. I love my students and watching them grow and thrive in our small town. But the dating pool... Not so great. The only man who interests me is ten years younger, and I’m completely off his radar.


So it’s time to weigh my options. I crave my happily ever after, and I always thought it would happen by now. The wedding, the man of my dreams, our family… But it’s not happening in this town. After one lonely night too many, I’m taking matters into my own hands. I have a plan.


First, I’m heading to a resort before my summer break ends.

Second, I’m going to find someone to make me feel…not quite as lonely. If it’s a vacation fling, so be it.

And third, I’ll decide if it’s time to move to the city or not.

Sun and sand, here I come.




Oh hell no.

I have a plan of my own.


First, I’m making it clear Lexie is mine. I’m claiming her once and for all.


Second, I won’t take no for an answer.

And third, we’re having our happily ever after even if I have to spend the rest of my life convincing her.


Lexie better watch out. ‘Cause, here I come.



It's the nomad life for me. All my life, I've dreamed of packing up and traveling the world. And I've been making that happen. It's just my camper van, my pug and me. No one will nail down Buttercup Peters.


Until Elvin. He makes me think of holding hands, kissing in front of a fireplace and sipping hot chocolate on Christmas morning. He makes me think of home, and not one on four wheels. He makes me think of forever. And when he crooks his finger, opens his arms and calls "Cuddle up, Buttercup," I might just launch myself right into him. But can I so easily say goodbye to my dreams for something that might be just a holiday fling?


Elvin has roots and I have wings. I might settle in the shelter of his embrace for a while, but I know this can't last forever. Nothing ever does.

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Pants on Fire4.jpg


Sweetville has a problem, and I've been brought in to solve it.

As a federal firefighter, I'm used to fighting wildfires and even smoke jumping, but when a string of fires starts in my brother's new hometown, I get roped into helping. Though...roped might be too strong a term. I love visiting my family, but small town life can be a little dull. Diving into a blaze is just what I need. Getting to investigate and track down this firebug? Sign. Me. Up. I'm all for it.

Until I get burned. I land in the ER and meet the woman who changes my outlook. Life in Sweetville just took a pulse-pounding turn. But as they say, it's all fun and games until it appears your lady love's brother is your suspect.




I’ve wanted to claim Penny since the day she came to town. But every time I approach, she runs the other way. I’ve had enough. I don’t know her secrets, but there will be no more running after I get her in my arms.


After years of being told what to do, I finally have freedom. I have my business, and I’m fulfilling my dreams. If I’m a little lonely, that’s the price I’ll pay. But Jory… He threatens everything I think I want. Can I give in? Let him love me? The thing is, no matter how much I fight, I think I might just love him, too.

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I don’t exist.


After witnessing a crime, I’m shuttled away to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Once a math genius on my way to a doctorate, now I’m hiding out in high school. What better place to conceal me than in plain sight, right?


But there’s a girl. The sweetest, most beautiful female I’ve ever seen--perfect yet totally off limits. Even if I want her, how can I fall for her when everything she knows about me is a lie? When even loving her could endanger her life?


There’s no easy answer. All I know is, case or not, when I’m able to walk away from Sweetville, leaving her won’t be an option.

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