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Excerpt: Halloween Pleasure

Halloween Pleasure Excerpt.png

Chay opened the front door and they all entered.

Garrett stopped teasing her as soon as the door closed. Aggressively, he pushed aside her soaked panties and two fingers plunged into her pulsating folds. She cried out, her body lifting with the pleasure. Chay adjusted her so that her hands were braced on his shoulders. His lips covered hers while Garrett continued to finger-fuck her. Chay’s tongue pushed against hers as he absorbed her cries and explored her mouth. She tasted the wine he’d had at the party with a slight taste of mint and man. He cupped the back of her head, threading his hand into her hair and better angling her for his kiss. There was no denying his domination as he devoured her.

“Baby, you’re so fucking wet,” Garrett murmured at her hip, the pistoning rhythm of his hand never slowing as she convulsed around his touch. Waves of sensation swelled from her pussy in explosions that rolled over her body.

She couldn’t believe what was happening as she hungrily kissed Chay. She couldn’t believe she was hanging helplessly over a stranger’s shoulder and letting two men have their way with her—and loving it.

Her thigh lifted slightly on Garrett’s chest, giving him better access. She wanted more. She wanted the pleasure until she collapsed from the exertion of it. In five years with her ex, she’d never felt as sexually alive as she felt right now.

Chay pulled his mouth away. Taking her wrists he lifted her and pressed her palms to the wall directly behind him. “Hold on,” he murmured, as he ducked beneath her arm. Looking over her shoulder, she watched him come chest to chest with Garrett. Chay’s hand cupped the back of Garrett’s head and Jahz watched wide-eyed as he kissed him briefly, but deeply, then pulled away and kissed her hip. His lips trailed along her thigh, edging towards her center. “I need to taste you,” he breathed. “God, Garrett, she smells so good.”

Jahz shrieked as Garrett’s fingers disappeared and Chay’s tongue replaced them. With teeth and tongue he consumed her folds, collecting her honey while Garrett licked her juice from his hand. He smiled devilishly, his partially obscured eyes full of decadent promises. Once he’d finished his feast, he placed his palm at the back of Chay’s head as his partner pleasured her.


She could hardly breathe for the unexpected power of the love between these men as they explored her body. Tam’s love wasn’t like this…the men never connected like this. But this…it was as if she was part of a circle of bliss.


Chay turned his head back to Garrett, sharing her in an unexpected way. His thumb massaged her clit. He licked her again. Kissed Garrett again. Licked. Kissed. Licked. Kissed. She thought she’d go mad from it as her fingers pressed into the wall and she breathed raggedly. All at once, his teeth captured her clit and he gently tugged. Her scream echoed through the house as an orgasm slashed across her. Her vision blurred and her sweaty hands slid down the wall.


A moment later, she realized she was in front of Garrett and he was carrying her and kissing her as Chay followed. She could taste her tangy flavor on his tongue as it thrust into her mouth and it intoxicated her, making her want more of these two even more.

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