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Quarantined With My Ex

When you break up, it’s over, right? You go your separate ways and a cop doesn’t come and drop the ex at your place. Right?

Unless that ex’s name is still on the lease.
Now, I’m face-to-face with the dumb jerk who messed up things between us until we took a ‘break’ because we couldn’t even talk anymore.

Except…darn it, I still love him.

Now to get through quarantine with both of us alive and our sanity intact.

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Billionaire's Halloween Princess

(Wall Street Princesses - Book 1)

A modern retelling of Cinderella...


Cinda: I grew up side by side with Princeton Jacobs - if you forget he's four years older than me and the son of a billionaire while my mother was a housekeeper at the Jacob's mansion. To say, I wasn't anywhere near Prince's radar is an understatement. He went away to college; I went away to college. And so I haven't seen him in eight years. Now, we're both back And his father wants him married. There's no way I'm skipping that ball and missing my last chance to dance with the man of all my dreams.


Prince: Go to school, learn the business, keep out of trouble... I've followed all the rules. Now, my father has a new rule. Get married or you're out of the business. I'm sure he thinks that will have me shaking in my polished Gucci loafers, but he's dead wrong. I want to get married, but not to any of the gold-diggers he has in mind. There's always been an amber-eyed angel on my mind. When she shows up at the ball, I know it's time. Then she disappears. Well, she's definitely not disappearing that easily. Cinda Martin is mine, and it's time everyone knows.