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The Prince's Syn

(Tales Undone - Book 1)

Fairy tales with a twist!



It was a dare. Dance with the prince my not-so-nice roomies are crushing on. If I win the bet, they have to wait on me for the rest of the term. I never intended to fall for him. I can't. I'm stuck with the evil roommates until the end of this school year. Stealing their conquest will only make things worse.


My intent was to dance and run. But Jacob has other ideas.



I have a month to find my princess. And if I don't find the woman of my dreams? Well, I'll be stuck in the arranged marriage constructed by my father. No, thank you. I was losing hope. But then I met Syn. Perfect woman? Found! But convincing her to be mine? That's another problem. First I have to find her. Then I'll make it clear, I'm her one and only and forever after.

Kindle Unlimited Only
Kindle Unlimited Only

Billionaire's Halloween Princess

(Wall Street Princesses - Book 1)

A modern retelling of Cinderella...


Cinda: I grew up side by side with Princeton Jacobs - if you forget he's four years older than me and the son of a billionaire while my mother was a housekeeper at the Jacob's mansion. To say, I wasn't anywhere near Prince's radar is an understatement. He went away to college; I went away to college. And so I haven't seen him in eight years. Now, we're both back And his father wants him married. There's no way I'm skipping that ball and missing my last chance to dance with the man of all my dreams.


Prince: Go to school, learn the business, keep out of trouble... I've followed all the rules. Now, my father has a new rule. Get married or you're out of the business. I'm sure he thinks that will have me shaking in my polished Gucci loafers, but he's dead wrong. I want to get married, but not to any of the gold-diggers he has in mind. There's always been an amber-eyed angel on my mind. When she shows up at the ball, I know it's time. Then she disappears. Well, she's definitely not disappearing that easily. Cinda Martin is mine, and it's time everyone knows.

Viking's Claim

(New Midgard - Book 1)


We are in the old world, but apart from it...




My people didn’t fade into humanity, melding into them as seasons changed. We disappeared. We found a way to go on, a way to thrive and let our power flow. We are one with today’s people yet apart from them, traveling between the modern world and New Midgard through our magical portals.


Today’s Earth does not know of our magic, does not know of our ways. We are separate, and contact with old humanity is forbidden.


Then I see her.


She’s mine, and I’m taking her.




I’ve seen him over and over for the past six months, almost as long as I’ve existed in silence. He’s always in the same place. Always on the same day. Always watching me.


If he speaks to me, I don’t know. All I hear is the echo of the screams, the never-fading memory of what happened to change my life. I’m lost in my own world, unable to reach for what I want and unable to communicate with this stranger, who watches me like one obsessed.


I should be frightened, but I’m not. He’s the only constant in my ever-changing existence.


Then my existence tilts again. I don’t know this place. I don’t know these ways. There’s only him—and all the people who despise my intrusion into their community. And even the man who’s brought me here may be unable to keep me. Not if his people have their way.


But now that I’ve seen their world, I can’t go back to mine. Which leaves me one fate. And it’s not life.

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Pursuing Pansy

(Bolthouse Security - Book 1) 

She's completely off-limits. But I want her and I plan to make her mine.


I mean...she's my best friend's mom. Yeah, you read that right. Pansy Parker is my best friend's adoptive mom. I'm totally violating the "friend code" here. But when I find out Pansy's got a stalker and is "handling it" on her own yet not telling anyone, it's time I step in and take care of what's mine. She might think I'm young, but I know my mind. I know what I want.


And when I know that, when I have a goal, nothing stops me. I'll keep her safe. And then...I'll just keep her.

egrets it.

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Chain Me Up

(Tradition Bound 3)

Her stalker’s back, and there’s gonna be trouble…

Keera accepted Theo’s collar, and she’s ready for happily ever after. Just when she thinks she’s found peace, her past has come to make her pay up. In that man’s mind, if he can’t have her, then no one will. Even if he has to kill Theo.

What choice does she have? She runs.

She’s his, and he’s not letting her escape his chains…

Theo is ready to show her every part of his life, to give her everything. Then she disappears. No note. No warning. Nothing. One minute she’s there; the next, she’s gone without a trace. He promised if she ever ran, he’d find her. Now, he’ll stop at nothing to bring her back to his side. He’ll fight for her with everything in him and irrevocably chain her to his side with his love.

In My Chains

(Tradition Bound 2)

She's got a secret that could get him killed...


Keera couldn't help it. She fell in love with her boss. She gave him her submission even though it was the worst idea in the world. Oh, not because she doesn't want him. No, she wants him too much. But she's been on the run from a stalker for years. In that man's mind, if he can't have her, then no one will. But...maybe, he won't find her this time. It's been over a year.


She takes a risk.


She's his, and he's not letting her escape his chains...


For months, Theo studied Keera. He made plans, big plans—the biggest being his plan to reveal the depth of his D/s lifestyle and permanently claim his woman. Oh, she knows he likes a little kink. What she doesn't know is there's nothing little about it.


He's ready to show her everything, to give her everything. He'll protect her with everything he has and keep her safely wrapped in the chains of his love.


Too bad, his everything might not be enough.

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