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Quarterback Leap


My teacher is hot AF, and unlike anyone else I’ve met, she cares. She’s sent me to detention more times than I’d like to count, but it only makes me want her more.


Yeah, she’s my teacher.


Yeah, there’s an age gap.


Yeah, she thinks I’m nothing but a bully.


She’s right on two of three. And that bully thing? Well, I might just have to bully her into being mine. But I’ll make sure she never regrets it.

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Half Past Normal

(Calamity Janes - 1)


It wasn’t my idea.


If I’d been completely sober, I might have stopped the crazies who burned the man effigy at the Anti-Valentine party I went to. I mean, that’s not really my thing. I don’t hate men. I’m just a normal, single girl trying to get through college without being noticed. Because everyone in my family is famous. And then the party and the stunt made national news. And there I was, front and center on the Film at 11.


It's okay. I’ve got this. I’ll dodge the paparazzi, and soon they’ll tire of me. I’ll sink back into obscurity.


Then he shows up—my little brother’s manager. He’s going to fix my reputation—thank you, I didn’t know it needed to be fixed. It was just one dumb party!


And apparently, he’s my date for Valentine’s Day, too. That ought to be fun. He doesn’t even like me. That’s okay. I don’t like him either.

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Kindle Unlimited Only

Half Past Normal: The Wedding

(Calamity Janes - 1.5)


She said yes, now it should be smooth sailing and happily ever, right?


Blake and Gavin are getting married, but the nuptials have turned into a circus, thanks to their moms.


Will they make it to the altar or give up along the way?

Dear Readers, This is a free book to accompany Half Past Normal. It is not for sale on any sites at this time. Get your free copy here: 

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His Goddess

(A Grave Destiny Story)

When Jett, Goddess of the Zodiac Quadrant, flees her home and the rogue god hunting her, she knows has one place to hide—Earth. She calls on her pledged servant, Thad, for protection. Thad, however, isn’t willing to jump to her aid. He’s served Jett for two hundred years in a position he feels she tricked him into accepting. Now, he has conditions…


“Accept me as your god. You’re mine and you will obey me.”


It’s everything Jett’s wanted and completely forbidden. No mortal may touch a goddess without consequences. No goddess may indulge in her lust for her pledged servant without divine punishment. As her flight forces her into his arms, they break these laws of god and mortal to find a love that will never be allowed. Together, they fight her enemy, but in the end, their greatest enemy might be themselves.


This book was previously published as Tribute for the Goddess.

Mad About Her Cowboys

(Daly Way 9)

Dumped, pregnant and most-pursued woman in Daly?


Madison Meade came to Daly to help a friend and to escape her past, but somehow, she’s now the town’s most want—most wanted date, that is. She arrived less than two weeks, and the courting is in full swing. Four suitors have emerged as the most-determined winners, but how long will they stick around when they learn about the small secret that isn’t going anywhere for at least the next eighteen years?


The Quist brothers, Connor, Franklin, Edison and Neal, have their own secrets—the foremost being: they’re not siblings at all. Brothers of the heart, they’ve done everything together since adolescence and that’s not changing now. Of course, they’ll pursue Madison together, and if one of them emerges as the “winner” then no hard feelings—winner take all. Until then, they’ll convince Madison pleasure with them—all of them, only them and not her other suitors—is the best way.


But when troubles from Madison’s past intervene, will someone swoop in from the outside and steal the brothers’ prize? Or will the love her cowboys nurtured endure all comers, proving Madison is completely mad about her cowboys?

Chain Me Up

(Tradition Bound 3)

Her stalker’s back, and there’s gonna be trouble…

Keera accepted Theo’s collar, and she’s ready for happily ever after. Just when she thinks she’s found peace, her past has come to make her pay up. In that man’s mind, if he can’t have her, then no one will. Even if he has to kill Theo.

What choice does she have? She runs.

She’s his, and he’s not letting her escape his chains…

Theo is ready to show her every part of his life, to give her everything. Then she disappears. No note. No warning. Nothing. One minute she’s there; the next, she’s gone without a trace. He promised if she ever ran, he’d find her. Now, he’ll stop at nothing to bring her back to his side. He’ll fight for her with everything in him and irrevocably chain her to his side with his love.

In My Chains

(Tradition Bound 2)

She's got a secret that could get him killed...


Keera couldn't help it. She fell in love with her boss. She gave him her submission even though it was the worst idea in the world. Oh, not because she doesn't want him. No, she wants him too much. But she's been on the run from a stalker for years. In that man's mind, if he can't have her, then no one will. But...maybe, he won't find her this time. It's been over a year.


She takes a risk.


She's his, and he's not letting her escape his chains...


For months, Theo studied Keera. He made plans, big plans—the biggest being his plan to reveal the depth of his D/s lifestyle and permanently claim his woman. Oh, she knows he likes a little kink. What she doesn't know is there's nothing little about it.


He's ready to show her everything, to give her everything. He'll protect her with everything he has and keep her safely wrapped in the chains of his love.


Too bad, his everything might not be enough.

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