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Bad Boy Biker Boots

(The Bad Boys - 1)

First, I end up at a dive bar.

Second, my date stands me.


Third, the sorority squad from my psych class shows up. I think they’re slumming it and looking for trouble. They’re sure ogling trouble over there playing pool in his bad boy biker boots. 


So when they start in on me, making fun at me for being alone and calling me a plain Jane nerd, I take matters into my very Type-A hands. Challenge accepted. I march right over to Biker Boots and throw myself into his arms. And he kisses me back! 


Uh-oh. What am I going to do now?

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Beach Please

(Beach Please - 1)


After graduating college, I’m heading to the one place that gives me peace. The beach—specifically, Cherish Cove on the shore of Lake Michigan. It’s time to regroup, figure out exactly what my future holds, and maybe, get over the one who got away. I’ve missed him every day since my father dragged the family across the country unexpectedly. I never even got the chance to say goodbye. Does that make me the one who got away?




I’ve been in a bad mood for the past five years. Mostly, I hide my anger, and I’ve funneled it into writing my bestselling horror novels. But I just can’t move forward. The only girl I’ve ever loved disappeared. Yes, we were young and a million circumstances kept us from reconnecting, but I can’t help feeling fate dealt me a raw deal. Then that girl walks back through my door…

All bets and plans are off. She’s mine and I’m never letting her go again.


She’s up a hill with no escape…and four shifters have plans for her. Far from home and stranded in the wilderness, she decides to take a leap—a leap of snow leopards who've claimed her as their mate.


As a blizzard rages outside, passionate fires blaze inside. But when winter’s over, what will she do? Head back to the city or stay on the mountain with the men who want her to be theirs forever?


She’s there to interview them.


They’re there to claim her.


Rock stars, Kaz and Myan know Hanna is their mate. They’ve spent the last year maneuvering her into their grasp, and she’s arrived just in time for the Harvest moon, the time when the lion shifters in their pride must claim their mates.

The full moon is coming, and by sunrise, she’ll be theirs. Forever.

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