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Cherish Cove Servies Cover.jpg
Cherish Cove

15 Books

Billionaire Club Series Cover.jpg
The Billionaire Club

6 Books

Kuznetsov Bratva Series Cover.jpg
Kuznetsov Bratva

5 Books

Sterling Love Series Cover.jpg
Sterling Love

5 Books

Tradition Bound Series cover.jpg
Tradition Bound

4 Books

The Bad Boys series Cover.jpg
The Bad Boys

4 Books

Daly Way Series Cover.jpg
Daly Way

11 Books

Sweetville Series Cover.jpg

10 Books

Monster Misters series cover.jpg
the Monster Misters

4 Books

Circle of THree series cover.jpg
Circle of Three

4 Books

Sizzle Beach Series cover.jpg
Sizzle Beach

7 Books

Taboo Wishes series cover.jpg
Taboo Wishes

6 Books

Oh my Scot series cover.jpg
Oh My Scot

2 Books

Bolthouse Security series cover.jpg
Bolthouse Security

2 Books

Cruentus Dragons series cover.jpg
Cruentus Dragons

3 Books

Billionaire Brothers series cover.jpg
Billionaire Brothers

3 Books

North Springs series cover.jpg
North Springs

2 Books

Wedded Series cover.jpg

3 Books

Lewis Men series Cover.jpg
Lewis Men

2 Books

Standalone Books

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Paranormal & Fantasy

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