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Cherish Cove

Reclaiming Love
Reclaiming Love - 2023.jpg

Reclaiming Love

(Cherish Cove/Beach Please - Prequel)



Mission: Destroy the man I love.


It’s for his own good.

I love Jordan more than life itself. A cliché but true. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted nothing more than a life with him. Marriage, family, happily ever after. We both want that. When I learned it’s not to be, I did the only thing possible. I cut him loose to make way for his future. Without me.


I had three months left on my mission in Afghanistan. Then I’d come home and marry my woman. I never expected a Dear John letter from my fiancée. Never in a million years. But with an apology and no explanation for ripping out my heart, she said goodbye. No. No way. Goodbye is the last thing I’ll accept. As soon as I get back to the States, I’ll prove we’re meant for forever.

But when I make it home, my girl is nowhere to be found.

New mission: Find Savannah. Reclaim her love. Never let her go.

Light My Fire
Light My Fire-2023.jpg

Light My Fire

(Cherish Cove/Beach Please - Prequel)



On the way to happily ever after, their world imploded. But sometimes, things aren't as they seem and happily ever after is closer than you think.

Six months ago, Brooke and Asher were supposed to say, “I Do,” but minutes before the wedding, he broke their engagement and walked away. He had a good reason. Giving away her virginity to a stripper from her bachelorette party was hard to get over. She doesn’t remember it, has no idea how it happened but she woke up in bed with a stranger, her fiancé standing over them.

Brokenhearted, neither Brooke nor Asher can move on.

Humiliated, Brooke became a recluse in the house they were supposed to make a home, and Asher moves through life, more zombie than alive. Something has to give. Knowing it’s for the best, Brooke decides to leave the small town where everyone knows her secrets—even the ones she can’t remember. When Asher learns that she intends to move across country to teach in a dangerous area with a terrible reputation, all his resolve evaporates. Brooke is his, and despite what happened, he will keep her…now and forever.

If you’re a fan of over-the-top, somewhat obsessive “Mine Mine Mine” heroes and stories of love so strong you’ll believe that happily ever after exists, this is the perfect book for you. With a lot of steam and a little intrigue, Light My Fire will set you aflame. Light My Fire is a standalone story with an HEA. C’mon…would I lie to you? Never!

Beach Please

Beach Please

(Cherish Cove: Beach Please - 1)




After graduating college, I’m heading to the one place that gives me peace. The beach—specifically, Cherish Cove on the shore of Lake Michigan. It’s time to regroup, figure out exactly what my future holds, and maybe, get over the one who got away. I’ve missed him every day since my father dragged the family across the country unexpectedly. I never even got the chance to say goodbye. Does that make me the one who got away?




I’ve been in a bad mood for the past five years. Mostly, I hide my anger, and I’ve funneled it into writing my bestselling horror novels. But I just can’t move forward. The only girl I’ve ever loved disappeared. Yes, we were young and a million circumstances kept us from reconnecting, but I can’t help feeling fate dealt me a raw deal. Then that girl walks back through my door…

All bets and plans are off. She’s mine and I’m never letting her go again.

Beach - Beach Please - 2023.jpg
Jingle Belle's Rock
Jingle Belles Rock.jpg

Jingle Belle's Rock

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 1)



Belle needs a rock and FAST!



Most of the time, I can avoid my Big, Fat, All-American Family, but not at Christmas. And yes, just like the movie of a similar name, they’re all in my face about when I’m tying the knot with a nice, hometown boy. Worse, with all my cousins engaged or married, my mom's intent on setting me up with the perfect man. The problem is, my perfect man is my boss and he’s more interested in my marketing skills than in romance.



I've waited patiently for my Jingle Belle to settle into her job with me. When she tells me about her mom's plan to find her a husband... No, just no. My rock is going on my Jingle Belle's finger, and I'm making her mine, once and for all.

Ex Scrooge Me

Ex Scrooge Me

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 2)






There! I said it! I love Christmas, but being stuck in a car for days with Scrooge McScroogington is enough to make even the most holiday-prone woman wish for the doldrums of February. Worse, Eli McSpadden gets under my skin by just…breathing! Have I mentioned he’s my ex who broke up with me on Valentine’s eve last year. Yeah, Mr.-Gorgeous-and-I-Know-It is the one who broke my heart. But I’m over him.


And I hate him.




I’m a stupid jerk.


There! I said it. When my company relocated me with no noticed last winter, I did the one thing I thought was best. I broke up with the girl I love. I told her we both needed to set down roots in our separate cities. The thought of her “rooting” with anyone else eats at me, but what could I do? Her life is at her university; mine is wherever I get sent.


It took three seconds for me to realize I made a huge mistake, and now that I’m back in town and we’re both heading home for the holidays, I’m going to make it right and hopefully not end up in a ditch—physically and emotionally—while I’m trying.

ExScrooge Me.jpg
Loving St Nix

Loving St. Nix

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 3)




I’m in love with my boss. But I swear the man they call St. Nix would never look at anyone sideways, let alone consider a tryst with his plain, curvy secretary. But when my roommate convinces me to go to the masked Christmas Eve party, things get out-of-hand. Before I know it, I’m waking in Nixon’s bed, and saint or not, there may be hell to pay.




The second I saw her at the party, I knew who she was. But my December has always been shy, so I played along. The thing is, she turned more heads than she knew, and there was no question. I would do anything—ANYTHING—to make sure she was at my side and mine forever. They call me St. Nix, but to tell the truth, I’m anything but saintly. When I get December in my arms… Well, let’s just say: We’ll definitely be making the naughty list.

Loving St Nix.jpg
Revenge of the Curves
Revenge of the Curves 2024-b.jpg

Revenge of the Curves

(Cherish Cove:

Cherish Cove High)




After my boyfriend very publicly breaks up with me...on my birthday...on the first day of our junior year of college, I'm humiliated. But curvy girls like me? We bounce back. And I vowed revenge.

Revenge comes in the form of our university's brand new quarterback. But what starts out as saving face and getting even, quickly turns into something else entirely. Because my new man...he's out to prove he's just that. Mine. Forever.

Geek Charming

Geek Charming

(Cherish Cove:

Cherish Cove High)




I have a secret.

I have a huge crush on my brother's best friend. I mean, frankly, I have zero chance with him. I have curves, not computer keys. So I'll just be over here, pretending not to look and dying to touch.

Problem is, we just got assigned to the same project. Shoot me now.



Shoot me now. I'm about to break the bro code. How am I going to get through this project without making Bronte mine?


You're right. I'm not.

Geek Charming 2024.jpg
Flipping For Love
Flipping For Love-2023BANNER.jpg

Flipping for Love

(Cherish Cove: Standalone)






When I came home to visit, I never expected to discover the old Victorian down the street was up for sale. I've always loved that place. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. I've made a name for myself flipping houses. It's always a challenge, but so worth it. But this time, the biggest challenge isn't the remodel. It's the contractor I've hired to help me. Who would have thought Trevor Grant would grow up to be so hot? Annoying? Yes, I would always have guessed that. But hot? Not in a million years. But now I'm contemplating things I shouldn't. Especially since I plan to be out of here by fall.




Getting the job working with Ginger is a dream come true--okay, let's be honest. It's a wet dream come true. But I can keep it professional. Granted, she didn't know it was me she'd hired. She'd expected my dad. Surprise. She's not thrilled, but I can see the spark in her eyes. It's that fire I'll use to prove I'm exactly the man she needs.

Step Challenge

Step Challenge

(Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 1)




I pursue. She runs.

I’ve wanted Petra since the first time I saw her. And she’s hated me since about that same moment. Or maybe it was from the moment I gave her that wicked smile and called her Pet. Maybe a mistake, but I knew she’d be mine.


Four years later and she’s still giving me the cold shoulder. That doesn’t stop me. Not really. My pursuit’s just gotten a little more subtle. But time’s running out. Soon we’ll be off to our futures and I don’t want to head in different directions.


Imagine my surprise when my dad elopes and comes home with my new mom and stepsister. My Pet’s in the bedroom next to mine and it just got a lot harder for her to avoid me. And a lot icier as that cold shoulder gets even colder. If that’s how she wants to be...



Step Challenge 2023banner.jpg

Beast of Christmas Past

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 4)



It’s been five years...Since I was ousted from the family, since I saw any of them, even my brother’s best friend…who’s my husband. It’s a mess I need to clean up, but I don’t want to face.

But my best friend is getting married, and she’s begged me to come home. I’m hoping to get in and get out without any of my relatives finding out I’m there. Spoiler alert: she’s marrying my brother. That’s information I should have had before I got on the plane. And before my beast gets his hands on me.

According to him, I’m not leaving. I’m still his.

Problem is, I have a secret at home. I have a life hundreds of miles away and someone waiting for me. Someone with their daddy’s eyes.

Beast of Christmas Past 2024.jpg
Beast of Christmas Past
Finding His Love
Finding His Love 2023.jpg

Finding His Love

(Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 2)




I fell in love. She ghosted me.

I’m not going away, though. When I got sent to New York for spring break, I wasn’t thrilled. I know. Oh poor me. Thing is, I had other plans. Then I met Willa and everything I thought I knew about my life changed. My entire purpose for living became her.

But she disappeared—though not before telling me she had someone back home and this was a fling. I saw red. She’s mine and that’s that!

Only… My parents have debutantes waiting in the wings for me. A family like mine? You marry for power, not for love. I have until graduation to come to terms with “the plan.” Then I find Willa and everything changes again. I won’t be falling in line. I’ve already fallen for Willa. And that guy she had back home? He doesn’t exist. She just doesn’t believe long-distance relationships can ever work. How can I convince her we will survive, and we won’t ever be apart for long?


Waiting For You

Waiting For You

(Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 3)




She thinks she’s not good enough; I know I’m not good enough for her.

To say my family is screwed up is an understatement. But no one knows what happens in the big mansion on the hill. My mom abuses everyone: the help, my dad…me. Yeah, that’s the stuff people don’t talk about, right? Then there’s my uncle. He likes boys…girls…anyone vulnerable to him. No one knows about that. But I do. I’ve learned how to stay safe. How to bide my time, hide and throw one hell of a punch. Whatever is necessary.

Then there’s Reba. She works for my family, and I’ve been in love with her since almost the day I first laid eyes on her. My uncle has eyes on her, too. Thankfully, she’s been safe so far, but the stakes are rising. Now, it’s up to me. I’ll do anything I have to, to keep her safe, to bide my time until she finds me worthy of her love. If that ever happens.

If I have to, I’ll wait forever.


Waiting For You-2023.jpg
Czech Mate.jpg

Czech Mate

(Cherish Cove: Home for the Holidays - Book 5)




I couldn’t say no to spending the holidays in the Czech Republic with my high school friend. I miss her, and it's the opportunity of a lifetime. My life at home is topsy turvy as I finish up college, too. The respite away seems like just the thing, while I make a decision about my future.
Until I meet her older brother, Hasya. He does strange things to my insides and sends shivers down my spine. When I’m around him, I have no space to think. Good thing his sister and I will be seeing all the sights. I’ll barely see him.
Best laid plans and all that…
Hasya has other ideas. He intends to spend every minute of my vacation right beside me. Yay, me. At least, the “sights” are drop-dead gorgeous no matter where we go.

Czech Mate
Hating Her Ex Forever

Hating My Her Ex Forever

(Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 5

Pressure Racing - Book 1)


He left me. Six years ago, Axel Pendleton, the love of my life, the man I was supposed to marry, left me to pursue his stock car racing career. To him, it was one or the other. Racing or me. I was black flagged and left choking on his retreating dust.

Is it any wonder I hate him?


That’s not how it was. 

Bristol is wrong about a few details. In particular...the “supposed to marry” part. And when she finds out the truth, then she might end up hating me even more. But if I have my way, the Ex part of Ex Forever will disappear because I will be her only Forever.

Hating her Ex Forever-2023.jpg
Rule Breaker
Rule Breaker-2023.jpg

Rule Breaker

(Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 4 

In the Zone - Book 1)

Coming 2024

I make my own path, and it’s leading me right to her. 


I’m a rule breaker. Yeah, I admit it. That’s how it happened. It was my last hurrah before the end of my my senior year. Fake ID in hand, I went to a bar miles from home, thinking I’d party away my school break. And I met her. Did I intend a one-night stand? Nope. Did I think I’d fall head over heels in love? Nope. Did I think I’d wake up alone after she ran out? Nope. Did I expect to see her at school…as my teacher…one week later? Not even close.


I saw the fire burning in her eyes, but she wouldn’t give me the time of day—unless it was to tell me I was late for class. Then she suddenly disappeared, taking my heart with her. When I finally see her again, I’m in for the shock of my life. She’s pregnant, and the baby is most definitely mine. She thinks I’m a rule breaker, that I’ll just walk away. She couldn’t be more wrong. I’ll walk the straight and narrow for her.


Follow the rules? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Seeking His Sunshine

Seeking His Sunshine

(Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 6)

Coming 2024

I went from bright future to lost in the dark. 


I wasn’t intended to be a father at eighteen—a father figure anyway. It was always my mom and us four kids. When my mom loses her life to cancer no one knew she had, it’s suddenly me and my three little sisters. I’m struggling to finish school and keep their lives normal.


I’m drowning. 


Everything I do is for them, until a chance meeting at a coffee shop brings me face to face with a woman who shines light into my soul. Bright, incandescent light that brings hope to the darkest places of my soul, even though she’s alone too and raising her two year old nephew. We can be friends, but neither of us has space within us for a relationship.


Until my deadbeat father comes calling, looking for a paycheck. From both of us. Our only path forward is together. In a marriage of convenience. We’re friends. We can do this. If I can manage to keep my hands off my temporary wife.



Seeking His Sunshine-2023.jpg
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