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Billionaire Club

Blind Date
BC - Blind Date - Billionaire.jpg

Blind Date With The Billionaire

(Billionaire Club - 1)



When I joined the hottest new dating site, Mystery Date, I never thought I’d end up on a blind date with my billionaire boss!

Bella: My dream of a successful art career consumes my life, so I didn’t want to join the dating app. I don’t have time for it, but somehow, my best friend persuaded me. Fine. What’s one night? One date? I ended up matched with YourMan01, a guy who seems only interested in hooking up. I’m not interested in forever, so YourMan01’s plans sound okay with me. Besides, meeting this stranger might turn my thoughts from the only man I truly want—a man completely off limits: My boss, Chase O’Malley.

This new dating site is unique: they screen the applicants and set up the date. I have no idea what he looks like. We just have a time and place to meet. And if sex enters the picture, good. That might distract me from Chase. I need my job with O’Malley Financial to keep myself afloat while I pursue my art, and daydreaming about my demanding boss is the surest way to get myself fired. Even if he were interested, Chase always has a new woman on his arm. Anything between us wouldn’t last. What would happen when it ended? That would ruin everything.

Chase: I’ve waited too long to claim her, but now Bella is mine. What’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t use your wealth to sway your fortune? Membership dating sites are lucrative right now, but that’s not even close to why I started one. For once, I don’t care about the money. My entire objective: My new assistant, Bella Renfroe.

When she finds out what I’ve done, she’ll be furious, but that won’t stop me. She’s going in blind, but this date will open her eyes. Soon, she’ll be in my bed, in my life, and totally, irrevocably mine.

Billionaire Auction

Billionaire Auction

(Billionaire Club - Related Book)



No way is she selling what belongs to me!

Yes, her father stole from me.
Yes, I want the money back.
No, I don't expect her to repay me. I definitely don't expect her to auction away her virginity to pay me. Doesn't she realize that already belongs to me? She's mine. But if this is how I get my woman, fine. I'll win the auction and take the prize.

She thinks it's just for the weekend. Wrong. She'll know soon enough, it's forever.

BC - Billionaire Auction 2020.jpg
Stranded With the Billionaire
BC - Stranded With the Billionaire - Final.jpg

Stranded With the Billionaire

(Billionaire Club - 2)



It’s paradise…until you shipwreck there!


Shipwrecking seems like something out of a movie-of-the-week or a TV show. I never thought it would happen to me. But it did—with Silas, the hottest man I’ve ever seen. It’s not ideal, but things could be worse, right? I could be alone, or with a pervy jerk, or my billionaire boss…

Turns out Silas really is my boss. And off-limits. I really should have researched better, but what can I say? I was running from trouble. Out of the frying pan and into the fire…


From the moment I saw her, I knew. Lily is mine, and I need her at my side. I offered her a teaching job to get her to my tropical island—hey, I had ulterior motives, but it’s a real job! 
I didn’t know about her troubles. Doesn’t matter. She’s with me now. I’ll do anything for her. I’ll do anything to protect her. 


Unfortunately, not everything is in my control. Mother Nature had other plans. When a freak storm hit, our boat capsized and we fought for our lives in the deadly waves. Thank God, we survived. Thank God, we found land. 

Not so great: the island’s deserted. It’s just me and my woman.

Could be worse. We have each other. We’ll make it work.

The Billionaire and the Beast

The Billionaire and the Beast

(Billionaire Club - 3)



I’ve never been a cute, petite little thing.

And my stepsister Ella and her friends never let me forget it. In fact, growing up, I always felt like Cricket, the jolly, mean giant—not that I’m mean. More like I’m a scapegoat.

Now, I have one month until I get the heck out of Dodge and escape my family, this city and all the people who’ve called me Beast all these years. I’m never coming back. Until then, I just need to avoid my parents, Ella and the gorgeous billionaire she has her eye on.

Not so hard. I know how to fly under the radar.
Except…he has no interest in my stepsister. No, his eye is on me. He calls me his princess. And there’s nothing I can do to escape my fate, especially when Ella discovers his interest. She’s determined to prove I’m Cricket the Beast again.


And maybe, I should let her, just so I can leave here before I get hurt. Because hot guys like him? They’re definitely not into beasts like me.

BC - Billionaire and the Beast3.jpg
The Problem With Billionaires
Probem With Billionaires2.jpg

The Problem With Billionaires

(Billionaire Club - 4)



But if a prince and a waif fall in love, where will they live?

Booker, The American Prince

That’s how tabloids refer to me. I hate it. Yes, my mother married the monarch of a small European principality, but it doesn’t define me. Still, every time I step outside, the cameras are flashing. I’ve thrown myself into my work, built my own empire, and avoided any relationships. If you don’t them give fuel for the fire, they’ll leave you alone… Right? Hasn’t worked so far.

Then I find her. Literally…I trip over her in the street. And she’s mine. Finders keepers and all that.

Marigold, The Waif

My life is a disaster. When my stepmother moves away with no warning, leaving me homeless, I’m left on the street with nothing but the clothes on my back. Scared and alone, I’m facing my first night on the street. In the pouring rain.

That’s when he falls over me. That’s when he decides I’m his.

It should all be happily ever after. But this is my life, and things never quite work out that way.

Billionaire Bosshole

Billionaire Bosshole

(Billionaire Club - 5)



I heard of the devil, but I was never a believer. Now, I’m ready to call 1-800-exorcist.

I just got promoted! Yay, right?

Not so much.

Being the executive assistant to the company’s CEO blew up my life. No one can please this man—especially me. No lie: I’m sure if you look up “Bosshole” in the dictionary, you’ll find a smirking picture of Keiran Brothers, the man who’s turned my life upside down. Yesterday, I loved my job. Today, I’m contemplating murder and non-extradition countries.


And that’s before I’m forced to pretend I’m his doting fiancée for the long holiday weekend. Keiran is after a big new contract, one that requires the client to believe Keiran is a settled man. He needs me to convince everyone we’re madly in love. That or lots of people could lose their jobs.


No big deal. I can do it. I think so, anyway.


Until we have to share a bed.


Until my ex is also at the beach house and watching our every move.


Until I see what Keiran’s really like when he’s not being Mr. Billionaire Bosshole.


Until I start to fall for him.


And that’s when I know I’m really in trouble.

Billionaire Bosshole-BANNER.jpg
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