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Bolthouse Security

Pursuing Pansy
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She's completely off-limits. But I want her and I plan to make her mine.


I mean...she's my best friend's mom. Yeah, you read that right. Pansy Parker is my best friend's adoptive mom. I'm totally violating the "friend code" here. But when I find out Pansy's got a stalker and is "handling it" on her own yet not telling anyone, it's time I step in and take care of what's mine. She might think I'm young, but I know my mind. I know what I want.


And when I know that, when I have a goal, nothing stops me. I'll keep her safe. And then...I'll just keep her.

Loving Layla




Keeping her safe might be the last thing he does.

Starlet Layla Childs is Archer's dream girl, not that she knows it. But someone else is even more obsessed with her. When Layla comes to town for a location shoot for her latest movie,

Archer is assigned to be her bodyguard. But he wants to do a whole lot more than guard her body. And when her stalker is caught…


Well…Archer promised to protect her with his life. He never said anything about letting her go.

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