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Hey! You found my Christmas page!

Welcome to the most merry place around!!

Jingle Belle's Rock
Jingle Belles Rock.jpg

Jingle Belle's Rock

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 1)

Belle needs a rock and FAST!



Most of the time, I can avoid my Big, Fat, All-American Family, but not at Christmas. And yes, just like the movie of a similar name, they’re all in my face about when I’m tying the knot with a nice, hometown boy. Worse, with all my cousins engaged or married, my mom's intent on setting me up with the perfect man. The problem is, my perfect man is my boss and he’s more interested in my marketing skills than in romance.



I've waited patiently for my Jingle Belle to settle into her job with me. When she tells me about her mom's plan to find her a husband... No, just no. My rock is going on my Jingle Belle's finger, and I'm making her mine, once and for all.

Ex Scrooge Me

Ex Scrooge Me

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 2)




There! I said it! I love Christmas, but being stuck in a car for days with Scrooge McScroogington is enough to make even the most holiday-prone woman wish for the doldrums of February. Worse, Eli McSpadden gets under my skin by just…breathing! Have I mentioned he’s my ex who broke up with me on Valentine’s eve last year. Yeah, Mr.-Gorgeous-and-I-Know-It is the one who broke my heart. But I’m over him.


And I hate him.




I’m a stupid jerk.


There! I said it. When my company relocated me with no noticed last winter, I did the one thing I thought was best. I broke up with the girl I love. I told her we both needed to set down roots in our separate cities. The thought of her “rooting” with anyone else eats at me, but what could I do? Her life is at her university; mine is wherever I get sent.


It took three seconds for me to realize I made a huge mistake, and now that I’m back in town and we’re both heading home for the holidays, I’m going to make it right and hopefully not end up in a ditch—physically and emotionally—while I’m trying.

ExScrooge Me.jpg
Loving St Nix

Loving St. Nix

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 3)


I’m in love with my boss. But I swear the man they call St. Nix would never look at anyone sideways, let alone consider a tryst with his plain, curvy secretary. But when my roommate convinces me to go to the masked Christmas Eve party, things get out-of-hand. Before I know it, I’m waking in Nixon’s bed, and saint or not, there may be hell to pay.




The second I saw her at the party, I knew who she was. But my December has always been shy, so I played along. The thing is, she turned more heads than she knew, and there was no question. I would do anything—ANYTHING—to make sure she was at my side and mine forever. They call me St. Nix, but to tell the truth, I’m anything but saintly. When I get December in my arms… Well, let’s just say: We’ll definitely be making the naughty list.

Loving St Nix.jpg
Stocking Full of Cole 2021.jpg


She was his first love and his first broken his heart. Now, she’s home for the holidays and chances are good she’ll break him again.

Once upon a time, Cole promised he’d marry Tamah, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Of course, he was six and crushing on his babysitter. Then she broke his young heart and moved away. 

Sometimes, you just know, and it doesn’t matter your age. 

Becoming an adult matured Cole’s desire and strengthened his resolve, but his heart hasn’t changed. Tamah is still the one, and this time around, he’s old enough to get the girl and keep her. It’s time to claim his woman and get her where she belongs—in his arms. Forever.

Tamah might be a good girl, but this year, she’s getting Cole in her stocking.

Stocking Full of Cole
Santa Secret

Daly Way Book 8: Santa Secret

Leena Bowen hates Christmas. Oh, she appreciates all the love, peace and joy, fa-la-la-la-la, blah-blah-blah-blah, but nothing seems right between Thanksgiving and the New Year. She doesn’t want to be all bah humbug because by nature, she’s a cheerful person—and everyone counts on her to be, too. But the truth of the matter is: nothing good has ever happened to her in December.

And it looks like this year won’t be any different. Someone is leaving her Secret Santa gifts—racy gifts, with suggestive messages—and ignoring that she’s very, very taken.

Brian and John Bowen love their woman more than anything on earth, and they know just how hard the holidays can be for her. All they want is to give her a little holiday cheer, but it seems all their efforts are for naught. In fact, just when they should all be drawing closer together, Leena seems to be drifting away from them. So far away they fear she might even leave Daly, and them, forever.

Santa Secret.jpg
22 - Merry Loves Bright - no logo.jpg




Brighton Banks... He's the boy next door, my secret crush and now my coworker.

Not that we actually work together. But when a security breach happens on my computer and it's taken over by Santa porn, guess who they send to fix it. The head of security, Mr. Brighton-I-Want-to-Marry-Him Banks.


Merry Anna Zania is my nemesis. And by that, I mean she fills my thoughts night and day. I start the morning carpooling with her and end it... Well, let's just say she's in my head and her name is on my lips. But I'm just the boy next door. I don't stand a chance.

When a very unfortunate, awkward virus takes over her computer, that naughty Santa might just give me the opportunity I need. This holiday season started out as bah-humbug, but it's about to become Merry and Bright.

Merry Loves Bright


The first time I see her, she’s on her way to a date.

Oh, not a real date. It’s one of those speed dating things. Her sister talked her into it, and my girl couldn’t have looked less thrilled.

Yes. My girl. When you know you know.

I ditch everything and follow her inside. Big client? Who cares. I have billions, and this is the girl of my dreams.

There might be twelve quick dates at this thing, but now, the only guy she sees is me. Thankfully, she thinks it’s funny, even if she also thinks I’m kind of crazy. The event turns out to be our first date.

One down, eleven to go. When Christmas rolls around, and we’ve had twelve real dates, it will be my gold ring on her finger.

That is…if I can convince her I’m serious and not the rudderless guy she seems to think I am. Maybe I should tell her about my businesses and my billions… Nah. Not yet.

12 Dates of Christmas - FS.jpg
Twelve Dates of Christmas
Cuddle Up Buttercup4.jpg


It's the nomad life for me. All my life, I've dreamed of packing up and traveling the world. And I've been making that happen. It's just my camper van, my pug and me. No one will nail down Buttercup Peters.


Until Elvin. He makes me think of holding hands, kissing in front of a fireplace and sipping hot chocolate on Christmas morning. He makes me think of home, and not one on four wheels. He makes me think of forever. And when he crooks his finger, opens his arms and calls "Cuddle up, Buttercup," I might just launch myself right into him. But can I so easily say goodbye to my dreams for something that might be just a holiday fling?


Elvin has roots and I have wings. I might settle in the shelter of his embrace for a while, but I know this can't last forever. Nothing ever does.

Cuddle Up Buttercup

His Sugarplum Kisses

Who says there are no secrets in small towns?
I have one, and no one in Sweetville knows. Least of all the man who’s been trying to date me for the past few years. Sebastian Johnson is perfect; he really is. And I’m really not.


I was raised by a negligent mother on the outskirts of the outskirts of the nearest small city where she engaged in the career as old as time. I moved away as soon as I could, but I didn’t go too far in case my little brother or sister needed me. If I could take them with me, I would, but I’m no good either. I work hard to hide it, but I can’t even read. I couldn’t even graduate school.

And Seb, the town’s ultra-successful Christmas tree farmer, thinks he wants me? He’s wrong. He’s so wrong. He doesn’t even know me.

But this holiday season, things are coming to a head. He’s laying down the gauntlet, but I’m just not the one to pick it up.

His Sugarplum Kisses.jpg
His Sugarplum Kisses
Holiday Bound.jpg

Holiday Bound

Secrets are about to come out. In more ways than one.

When an unexpected snowstorm strands co-workers Brennan Myers and Rory Mills just before Christmas, they reveal hidden desires they’ve each harbored—desires they can no longer resist. With a little spanking, a bit of bondage and a garland of gold tinsel, they explore each other and the sizzling attraction between them.

But when the cold light of day dawns, each man wonders if this will be more than just a one-night affair. Will they both get what they most want for Christmas, or will this be another holiday they each spend alone?

Disclaimer: No tinsel or twinkle lights were harmed in the creation of this book. The same cannot be said for all bottoms involved.

Kindle Unlimited
Holiday Bound

Forbidden Reunion

Eight years ago, the worst thing possible happened to Jedikiah Stoltzfus. He fell in love with his best friend—forbidden love that led to the worst torture an Amish could endure: shunning. Given the choice to forsake his love or leave, Jed chose to make his way in the “English” world, sure his lover would do the same.

Eight years ago, Yoseph Schrock made a terrible mistake. Believing Jed would claim to forsake him then find a way for their love to go on, he bent to the elder’s demands, willing to temporarily pretend repentance. Too late, he discovered he and Jed could never be together. Jed’s shunning would separate them permanently.

Neither man has forgotten the love they lost. When a twist of fate brings them together again, will they make the right decisions or will they find themselves separated once more, this time forever?

NOTE: This title includes a bonus 5500 word short story ALL IN.


Forbidden Reunion.jpg
Forbidden Reunion


With Kyra Nyx


With the death of my father came great power and much responsibility.

I'm now the Pakhan, the leader, of the Kuznetsov Bratva. As such, I'm required to marry for an heir and for an alliance. I know just the woman, a female as fiery as the sun and as cold as a Siberian winter. The moment I set eyes of Alena Moskal lightning jolted through me. It may have been her taser, but I knew she was mine.

That day, she sealed her fate, and now, I'm claiming what's mine.

With my new bride in tow, kicking and screaming and cursing my name, I'm going home where I will teach her to be a proper Kuznetsov wife. She will learn. She must. We have an empire to build.


Beast of Christmas Past

(Cherish Cove:

Home for the Holidays 4)

It’s been five years...Since I was ousted from the family, since I saw any of them, even my brother’s best friend…who’s my husband. It’s a mess I need to clean up, but I don’t want to face.

But my best friend is getting married, and she’s begged me to come home. I’m hoping to get in and get out without any of my relatives finding out I’m there. Spoiler alert: she’s marrying my brother. That’s information I should have had before I got on the plane. And before my beast gets his hands on me.

According to him, I’m not leaving. I’m still his.

Problem is, I have a secret at home. I have a life hundreds of miles away and someone waiting for me. Someone with their daddy’s eyes.

Beast of Christmas Past2.jpg
Beast of Christmas Past
Gifted copy.jpg


I was already in trouble. That’s how I got drafted into be one of the chaperones for the school’s holiday trip for the students enrolled in the gifted program.

But when one little lamb goes missing, it’s up to this shepherd to track her down.

The group went on to their next destination while she and I are stranded behind in a blizzard right before Christmas. It’s exactly the kind of story to make tabloids: the teacher and his barely legal student. It’s bad. Real bad.

How much worse could it be if she ends up knocked up? Because my little lamb is gifted in more ways than brains, and I’m going to give her a gift, too—one that takes months to arrive and will tie her to me forever.


Making the Ogre's Naughty List

Good girl no more! This year, I’m making the naughty list.

It’s a good plan until I step a little too far out of line. My boss, an actual ogre, sweeps me in to show me the error of my ways. Next thing I know, he's taken me to his lair for reparations. Might I mention, that lair is not anywhere you can hop a plane to visit or grab a train to flee from. Nope. I find myself in a whole other world I never dreamed of.

Suddenly, I'm a prisoner of the ogre who’s the keeper of Santa’s naughty list. Who knew my boss had a side gig? Now, he’s ready to teach me my lesson. He’s determined to show me the error of my ways with unspeakable pleasure. 

He’s the one who’s in error. I’m staying right where I am on the naughty list and in his bed.

Making the Naughty List 12-2b.jpg
Making the Ogre's Naugty List
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