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Single Title, Standalone Stories

Runaway Cowgirl



I was in love with him all my life. I thought we were best friends. I thought he loved me too. The day everything changed between us, I gave myself to him. I thought we’d finally be together. I was his and he was mine. Then I found out it was all a big joke. I meant nothing to him. Never had. That was the day I left Dripping Springs and stopped being silly little Jorie. No one would hurt me like that again. If I never set foot in Dripping Springs again, it would be a day too soon.


But now my gran is dying and she wants me home. She’s the only one who ever really mattered to me. I can’t let her down.


The question is: Do I confront the boy who crushed me or do I move on and pretend it never happened, that he meant nothing to me?


Tough choice. He’s not hurting me again.




I know what happened. Jorie heard something she shouldn’t have, but I’m not the jerk she thinks I am. She left, taking my heart with her. I tried, but I could never find her. Never heard another word from her. Apparently, I meant nothing to this girl. For five years, I’ve hurt and let bitterness settle in. I buried myself in saving my family’s dying ranch and forgetting her. Now, things are looking up and I’m finally ready to move on.


But now, Jorie’s back and I’m torn: Do I make things right between us or do I keep moving on, forget our past and the first love who destroyed my heart?


Tough choice. She’s not hurting me again.

Runaway Cowgirl
Buried Secrets
Buried Secrets - NEW.jpg

Buried Secrets

I know who you are!


Someone knows about Ellery’s past and they want her to pay.


Star of the hit TV show, Engagements, Ellery is racing toward a happily ever after and a life outside the spotlight with her co-star, Gray. The future looks bright. That is until threatening messages steal away everything she’s spent years building. With the cameras still rolling, it’s time to say goodbye to everything.


There will be no wedding, no happily ever after, and no Gray or someone will make sure he dies. For his safety, Ellery walks away, but he’s not letting go without a fight—a fight that could be to the death.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare, A Fun and Flirty Story

I am so screwed…

When my brother’s best friend shows up at my vacation cottage to warn me about a violent incoming storm, I think it’s pretty sweet of him. Then he gets stranded with me…with no power. 

Okay, that’s fine. We’re friends—sort of. I mean, I’ve known him for fifteen years. 

Then he suggests a game of Truth or Dare. And I agree.

Big mistake. The game’s about to get wild, and secrets will be revealed—secrets like…I’m a virgin and he’s into spanking. 

But hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Yeah…totally screwed.

Truth or Dare 2021.jpg
Special Force
Special Force.jpg

Special Force

It all started as a lie, and he thinks she’s someone else.

Now, they’re about to meet face-to-face for the first time. The truth will come out. And there will be consequences to be paid.

With F-16 butterflies dive-bombing her belly, she nervously awaits her soldier and the promises he made over the internet—promises that make her tremble with need. Promises she’s afraid he’ll withdraw when he learns she lied to him.

Fresh off deployment, he’s ready for some one-on-one action with the woman who captured his heart through cyberspace. Too bad, she’s not who he thinks she is. Either way, she’d better be ready for his special force. He’s been dreaming of this night for months, and her sweet behind is his.

Kindle Unlimited Only
Tuesday Afternoons


This Tuesday, her fantasy date isn’t a fantasy at all…


Most days, Casey’s commute home is boring, but today, it’s about to get oh-so-steamy.

For months, she’s had sensual fantasies about a stranger she encounters every Tuesday afternoon—a younger, unobtainable man who walks the same path with her just once a week. It’s nothing more than casual acquaintance—or is it!


This Tuesday, he proposes something more, an illicit encounter to indulge the desires simmering inside them both. For Casey, there’s only one answer:


Yes, yes, oh, God, yes!


It’s time to release her inner bad girl for a no-holds-barred Tuesday like none other.

Tuesday Afternoons2019.jpg
The Orgasmatron

The Orgasmatron

All her fantasies will come true...whether she's ready or not.

When Prysm Matthews’ Orgasmatron sex bot arrives, she never expected him to take over and show her exactly who’s the boss in the machine/human relationship. It’s the perfect sex, but strangely, she finds herself wanting something more. And something more is just what she’ll get. She just doesn’t know it.

Note: This one’s just a quick and sexy story about a woman who wants all the fantasies, and the man who’s going to give them to her. What can I say? Pretty much all sex, all the time. Is this book guaranteed safe? No. Safe for some? Yes. Happily ever after? Of course! But don't say you haven't been warned.

Kindle Unlimited Only
Quarantined With my Ex

Quarantined With My Ex

When you break up, it’s over, right? You go your separate ways and a cop doesn’t come and drop the ex at your place. Right?

Unless that ex’s name is still on the lease.
Now, I’m face-to-face with the dumb jerk who messed up things between us until we took a ‘break’ because we couldn’t even talk anymore.

Except…darn it, I still love him.

Now to get through quarantine with both of us alive and our sanity intact.

Quarantined With My Ex.jpg
Line of Duty
Line of Duty.jpg

Line of Duty

It's all fun and games until your dad becomes Prime Minister. Then it's all "Behave and here's your personal protective services officer. By the way, he'll be your constant shadow."

Great. As if things weren't bad enough.


Fact 1: He has zero sense of humor and never smiles.
Fact 2: He doesn't appreciate Dudley Do-Right or Mountie jokes.
Fact 3: He's just ruined my attempt to sneak out of town and have some protocol-free time.


And now we're stuck in a storm in the middle of nowhere.


"Oh, what shall we do?"


I guess it's my personal Mountie to the rescue. It's all in the line of duty, right?


Farmer Takes a Wife

Farmer Takes a Wife

Stuck in the middle of Dirt Patch Nowhere isn’t exactly where I thought I’d land when I signed up for this job.

At least, my problems are back in New York City. I have new issues here. I can whip up a dazzling ad campaign, but dinner? Not so much.

And due to some mix up, I wasn’t hired to be a cook, chef and nanny. Nope. My boss and apparent fiancé thinks I’m his mail-order bride. Well, when in Dirt Patch, go with the flow, right? Suddenly, I’m the farmer’s wife and mom to his adopted infant. With zero skills in either department.

I’ve always been one to figure things out. I’ll figure this out, too. Maybe. Because part of the deal is that I won’t fall in love, and I’m falling fast for both the farmer and his daughter.

Farmer Takes a Wife.jpg
Shirtless in New York
Shirtless in New York 7-13.jpg

Shirtless in New York

He’s buff. He’s Sexy. He’s shy as heck.


As a cover model, I’ve got a face and chest known around the world. By romance readers. But my photographer’s new assistant isn’t impressed. And let’s talk about beautiful. And my ex. That’s her. I’ll have to let my silent smolder speak for itself, because I may be on novel covers, but words are beyond me. Still, I'll have to figure this out. I want her back!


It’s not that I’m unimpressed. What girl wouldn’t admire all that lean hard muscle covered with warm very touchable skin? And that’s the problem. That's always been my problem. I don’t like that women around the world drool over Dixon. I don’t like it at all. I just want him to put on a shirt. ASAP!

Broken Perfection

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

That’s a problem up on my mountain. I deal with the blaze quickly. But the out-of-control inferno licking inside me isn’t so easily doused.

I thought I was okay with being a hermit. Until I smelled that smoke and Little Miss Sunshine invaded my pity party. For four years, I’ve rebuilt my life after the Army, but I’m broken. I’m finished. I’ve shut out everyone, because that’s the way I want things.

My sunshine is determined to fix this grumpy recluse. She doesn’t believe I’m broken. She’s wrong, but the longer she’s around, throwing around her happiness like glitter, the more I want to keep her. I’m just not sure I can.

Broken Perfection
Gifted copy.jpg


I was already in trouble. That’s how I got drafted into be one of the chaperones for the school’s holiday trip for the students enrolled in the gifted program.

But when one little lamb goes missing, it’s up to this shepherd to track her down.

The group went on to their next destination while she and I are stranded behind in a blizzard right before Christmas. It’s exactly the kind of story to make tabloids: the teacher and his barely legal student. It’s bad. Real bad.

How much worse could it be if she ends up knocked up? Because my little lamb is gifted in more ways than brains, and I’m going to give her a gift, too—one that takes months to arrive and will tie her to me forever.

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