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Daly Way

Belonging to Them
Belonging to Them.jpg

Daly Way Book 1:

Belonging to Them



An offer she can't refuse? With these four hunks, who would want to?


On the run from her past, Rayna Halliday is devastated when her old car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. She soon finds that her ex has managed to block her credit cards, her accounts and even her cell phones in an attempt to exert his control over her. Giving in to him is something she refuses to do.

When the owners of O’Keefe’s Gas and Repair come to her rescue, they make her an offer that tantalizes the forbidden desires within her—she can find a way to pay for the car repairs or she can belong to them for two weeks and they’ll see to her repairs for free. At the sexual mercy of four gorgeous men for two weeks… Why not? She can have fun and get things straightened out, all at once. But there are two problems heading her way: an ex on a rampage and her heart that’s in for more than just fun.

Plays Well With Others

Daly Way Book 2:

Plays Well With Others



She got more than she'd expected when she took this job!


Paisley Szuzman came to the Laurel Ridge Ranch in Daly, Wyoming to interview for an administrative position, but she's shocked, and secretly aroused, to find that the job might entail more than she envisioned. Anyone filling this spot must meet the criteria of plays well with others, and the "others" are the joint owners of the ranch— four hunky cowboys who are pure, rugged temptation. Bohemian to the core, Paisley takes the challenge and finds more in store for her than she ever imagined.

Plays Well With Others - Final.jpg
Theirs Forever
Theirs Forever.jpg

Daly Way Book 3:

Theirs Forever

The girl who got away... She's not getting away this time!

Ten years ago, Verity Thompson ran from Daly, leaving behind her family and her lovers. Now, fresh from veterinary school, she's returning to take over her father's practice. She never suspects her old lovers will corner her within minutes of her return.

Patrick and Sim have never forgotten Verity, the girl they believe has always been destined for them. Hoping to sway her back to them, they convince her to give them a weekend of no-holds-barred sex. Little does she know that two of their close friends would be coming to town, too.

It doesn't take Verity long to remember what she'd felt for the men, but when her father tells her he's not giving her a job, she's faced with the very choice she once ran from and feared: a lifetime in her men's arms or the job of her dreams.

One for the Team

Daly Way Book 4:

One For The Team




All for one and one for all has never been so hot!

Since arriving in Daly months ago, Moonbeam Szuzman has kept a low profile and avoided romantic complications. The last thing she wants to do is jump into something without thinking, especially when a relationship in this town will involve a ménage.


When her car runs out of gas on the way home from a work excursion, she’s rescued by three of the cowboys who’ve interested her most. Alone with them under the stars, Moon’s plans go awry and she discovers she might just like the Daly Way.

One for the Team2.jpg
Briar's Cowboys
Briars Cowboys3.jpg

Daly Way Book 5:

Briar’s Cowboys




An inheritance brought her home to Daly. Her cowboys will keep her there.


Over a decade ago, Briar Rhodes’ mother dragged her kicking and screaming from Daly. Briar didn’t understand her mother’s sudden hatred of the idyllic town where Briar had lived her entire life. With no other choice but to go, she’d found herself adrift in a city so foreign to her it could never be home.


Now years later, Briar is shocked to inherit a ranch from the father she never knew. However, it’s the foreman, Jax, and his team, Ram, Cannon and Hawk who entrance her. Stunned by the almost immediate attraction, she finds sensual pleasure and sexual satisfaction at their hands—all their hands…and mouths…and bodies.


Suddenly she understands why she was taken away—to protect her from this ménage lifestyle. But she doesn’t want protection; she only wants more. For Briar and her cowboys, the Daly way is the only way.

Roped by the Team

Daly Way Book 6:

Roped by the Team




She's here to stay...even if they have to rope her to make it happen!


A year ago, Moon Szuzman had a life-changing encounter with three cowboys out on the range of the Flying D ranch. It promised to become something forever, but when they returned to civilization, everything went crazy. A freak fire plunged the men into nonstop work yet caused Moon to lose her job. Needing employment, she took another in LA, leaving her family, the men and Daly far behind.


Now returning for vacation, she finds three determined cowboys ready to do anything to convince her stay. She agrees to a fling—and only a fling—unsure they’ll want her once they learn her secrets. She soon finds herself roped by the team she left behind, and that team isn’t willing to let her go without a fight.


Note: The original encounter between these four is contained in the short story, One for the Team, however Roped by the Team is a standalone book that can be enjoyed without reading the original work.

Roped by the Team2.jpg
His Old Kentucky Home
His Old Kentucky Home.jpg

Daly Way Book 7:

His Old Kentucky Home




Who says you can never go home? Sully Przkop, that’s who!

Ten years ago, Sully vowed never to return to Blue Grove, Kentucky and the family who’d betrayed him. Now, he’d built a new life, a life that includes the lover he calls Sir—Cord Sabatello.

Submitting to Cord in the bedroom sends fire zinging through Sully, but lately, life outside that bedroom is anything but perfection. The emotional distance between them has Sully wondering if Cord plans to say goodbye forever—especially now that 1400 miles separates them.

But Cord has other plans, and leaving his man to fend for himself in Kentucky, isn’t one of them. They need to find their way back home together, but will “home” lead them in different directions or will it lead them back into each other’s arms forever?

NOTE: This book is related to the Daly Way series, specifically One for the Team and Roped by the Team, but it is not necessary to read those books to enjoy Sully and Cord’s story.

Eye of Her Storm

Daly Way Book 8:

Eye of Her Storm




The future is never a guarantee...

It’s been four years since River Szuzman moved to Daly. Four years since she met Seth Danielson and Tai Cauldwell. Four years that she’s been afraid to give in and just say yes. 
Now, it’s too late.


When River’s entire future is about to change, there are only two people she wants to hold her, help her, and get her through the storm. But will they want her now?


Seth and Tai believe in destiny and they knew River was theirs the day she set foot in Daly. They’ve been biding their time, wooing her and waiting. When she comes to them with her news late one night, their hopes for the future are shattered. But it changes none of their determination.


River is theirs, together they will weather the storm, and they will hold her to the very end.


NOTE: This book is part of the Daly Way Series, but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone book with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Eye of Her Storm2.jpg
Santa Secret
Santa Secret.jpg

Daly Way Book 9:

Santa Secret



Leena Bowen hates Christmas. Oh, she appreciates all the love, peace and joy, fa-la-la-la-la, blah-blah-blah-blah, but nothing seems right between Thanksgiving and the New Year. She doesn’t want to be all bah humbug because by nature, she’s a cheerful person—and everyone counts on her to be, too. But the truth of the matter is: nothing good has ever happened to her in December.

And it looks like this year won’t be any different. Someone is leaving her Secret Santa gifts—racy gifts, with suggestive messages—and ignoring that she’s very, very taken.

Brian and John Bowen love their woman more than anything on earth, and they know just how hard the holidays can be for her. All they want is to give her a little holiday cheer, but it seems all their efforts are for naught. In fact, just when they should all be drawing closer together, Leena seems to be drifting away from them. So far away they fear she might even leave Daly, and them, forever.

Mad About Her Cowboys

Day Way Book 10:

Mad About Her Cowboys




Dumped, pregnant and most-pursued woman in Daly?


Madison Meade came to Daly to help a friend and to escape her past, but somehow, she’s now the town’s most want—most wanted date, that is. She arrived less than two weeks, and the courting is in full swing. Four suitors have emerged as the most-determined winners, but how long will they stick around when they learn about the small secret that isn’t going anywhere for at least the next eighteen years?


The Quist brothers, Connor, Franklin, Edison and Neal, have their own secrets—the foremost being: they’re not siblings at all. Brothers of the heart, they’ve done everything together since adolescence and that’s not changing now. Of course, they’ll pursue Madison together, and if one of them emerges as the “winner” then no hard feelings—winner take all. Until then, they’ll convince Madison pleasure with them—all of them, only them and not her other suitors—is the best way.


But when troubles from Madison’s past intervene, will someone swoop in from the outside and steal the brothers’ prize? Or will the love her cowboys nurtured endure all comers, proving Madison is completely mad about her cowboys?

Mad About Her Cowboys2.jpg
Passing Through
DW - Passing Through.jpg

Daly Way Book 11:

Passing Through




"Be with all three of you?"


"It's the Daly Way, ma'am."


When Ripley Nelson decided to travel the country, she intended to explore all the beauty to be found across the nation. She found that in Daly, Wyoming. The landscape is breathtaking. The three mouthwatering cowboys she encounters are even more so. Unfortunately, she's just passing through. Ripley Nelson doesn't put down roots, but her cowboys...? They're out to change her mind. They want her to experience the Daly Way. And stay theirs forever.

Under Their Protection

Day Way Book 12:

Under Their Protection




A woman on the run, two cowboys who’ve claimed her, and the Bratva who want her back…

What could go wrong? Everything.


The people of Daly think Devon Magnus is a guy.


That’s her plan, and it’s been a good one, but she’s tired of running and hiding. After five long years, she wants her life back. That’s a hard task since she’s fleeing from her stepfather and his evil cronies. They aren’t the type to give up.


But neither are her cowboys, Cannon and Hawk. They know she’s a woman. They also know she’s theirs, and they’re determined to protect and claim her. They’ve been patient, but she’s kept them at arm’s length long enough. She can’t anymore; they won’t let her. They want her in their arms and in their bed.


But it’s only when fear and comfort collide that passion explodes. Then nothing can keep them apart. Her men are everything she needs. Friends. Lovers. Protectors.

Hers. All hers.


And as far as her cowboys feel? No one will hurt her. And no one will take their future, their love, or their Dev from them. They’ll do anything for her. She’s under their protection.


Under Their Protection was previously release for a single day. Since then, it has been completely revised and more than doubled in length.

Under Their Protection-Revision.jpg
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