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Single Title, Standalone Stories
His Old Kentucky Home

His Old Kentucky Home



Who says you can never go home? Sully Przkop, that’s who!

Ten years ago, Sully vowed never to return to Blue Grove, Kentucky and the family who’d betrayed him. Now, he’d built a new life, a life that includes the lover he calls Sir—Cord Sabatello.

Submitting to Cord in the bedroom sends fire zinging through Sully, but lately, life outside that bedroom is anything but perfection. The emotional distance between them has Sully wondering if Cord plans to say goodbye forever—especially now that 1400 miles separates them.

But Cord has other plans, and leaving his man to fend for himself in Kentucky, isn’t one of them. They need to find their way back home together, but will “home” lead them in different directions or will it lead them back into each other’s arms forever?

NOTE: This book is related to the Daly Way series, specifically One for the Team and Roped by the Team, but it is not necessary to read those books to enjoy Sully and Cord’s story.

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Romero and Julian
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Romero and Julian




Stay away from him!

Wesley Romero and Micah Julian have heard the same warnings their entire lives, but when lightning-fast attraction strikes them one night, they can’t deny the connection that binds them. Their families may be engaged in a long-standing feud, but Wes and Micah want to solve their differences in a more civilized manner—in bed and in each other’s embrace, where arm-to-arm combat has never been so good.






Barista Maddox Sinclair isn’t concerned by much more than finishing his degree, taking over his grandfather’s business and shedding the memories of the lover who left him behind to make it big in Hollywood. When a drenched stranger steps into the coffee shop, thoughts of school, homework and responsibilities fly from Maddox’s head for the first time in four years. All he can think of is this stranger’s vibrant blue eyes and the firm muscles showing through his soaked clothes. Suddenly, he wants a taste of something he’s avoided—but just a taste, nothing more.


Lost in an unfamiliar city, Rush Storm just wants someplace dry to wait for his handlers to find him— somewhere dry and free of paparazzi and the rabid fans, that is. He loves being the lead singer of Rising Storm, a group he formed, but sometimes, he’d just like a little peace. When he spies the man behind the counter of the tiny shop he enters, he knows all bets for peace are off. He wants a whirlwind of torrid passion…and that’s just a bit unsettling for a rocker who’s promised to keep his sexuality a secret.


Note: This book was previously released as Taken by Storm

Feeling His Steel
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Feeling His Steel




In 1340, their love was forbidden. 800 years later, not much has changed.


Disgraced and disowned, Sir Alwyn, fled his village and certain death, vowing to make a new life. He’ll never forget his lost lover Tobias nor forget his sexual desires but he will do what he must to survive. Little does he know, fate has destined his future will be far from what he ever imagined.


Adjunct Professor Toby Woods never suspected his study of medieval history would come to life, but he can’t overlook the very medieval knight who appears before him and claims to be his long lost lover. Firmly in the closet and in danger of losing his teaching position if his conservative employer discovers his sexual orientation, he’s horrified by his instant attraction to the warrior from the past. Worse, niggling memories tell him the man might be telling the truth.


Fate has reunited them, but it will take love to bind them together while they face the opposition that hasn’t changed in eight hundred years.

Holiday Bound

Holiday Bound




Secrets are about to come out. In more ways than one.

When an unexpected snowstorm strands co-workers Brennan Myers and Rory Mills just before Christmas, they reveal hidden desires they’ve each harbored—desires they can no longer resist. With a little spanking, a bit of bondage and a garland of gold tinsel, they explore each other and the sizzling attraction between them.

But when the cold light of day dawns, each man wonders if this will be more than just a one-night affair. Will they both get what they most want for Christmas, or will this be another holiday they each spend alone?

Disclaimer: No tinsel or twinkle lights were harmed in the creation of this book. The same cannot be said for all bottoms involved.

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