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In the Dark

He came to destroy everything she knows—and maybe her, too!
Born with a red mark streaking her cheek, Katherine has been hidden her entire life. Even after her entire family perished in the plague, she did not emerge from behind the castle walls that have always protected her. She is safe in her secret rooms.


Or so she thinks…

Her illusion of safety comes to an abrupt end when a band of men arrive to the castle. She’s horrified. And terrified. And more than a little fascinated by the knight who leads them, Calen the Black. Intrigued, she spies on him from afar until her desire is too great. Needing a closer look at him, she sneaks into his room. Just this once...

Once is not enough for Calen. The gift of Warg castle in the wild north is not a gift at all. It is a punishment for his popularity in the King’s court. Intent on making the best of his new home, he sets about making it livable again.

It is all rather unbearable…until a tiny angel invades his locked chamber. They find heaven and contentment together…for as long as they remain in the dark. But when morning comes, she is gone.

She might think she can get away, but Calen did not gain his renown by being defeated. He will capture the maiden, and she will be his. Forever.


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