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Single Title, Standalone Stories
In the Dark

In the Dark



He came to destroy everything she knows—and maybe her, too!

Born with a red mark streaking her cheek, Katherine has been hidden her entire life. Even after her entire family perished in the plague, she did not emerge from behind the castle walls that have always protected her. She is safe in her secret rooms.

Or so she thinks…

Her illusion of safety comes to an abrupt end when a band of men arrive to the castle. She’s horrified. And terrified. And more than a little fascinated by the knight who leads them, Calen the Black. Intrigued, she spies on him from afar until her desire is too great. Needing a closer look at him, she sneaks into his room. Just this once...

Once is not enough for Calen. The gift of Warg castle in the wild north is not a gift at all. It is a punishment for his popularity in the King’s court. Intent on making the best of his new home, he sets about making it livable again.

It is all rather unbearable…until a tiny angel invades his locked chamber. They find heaven and contentment together…for as long as they remain in the dark. But when morning comes, she is gone.

She might think she can get away, but Calen did not gain his renown by being defeated. He will capture the maiden, and she will be his. Forever.

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Twice An Eternity
Twice an Eternity2023.jpg

Twice an Eternity





Legend has it that long, long ago, a great knight fell in love with a fair maiden…

Emma knew her entire life that she’d eventually marry Ailig and be the lady in his castle. But she had dreams of freedom which weren’t befitting to a lady of her standing. Still she yearned for Ailig and the unknown of his arms. As Ailig’s wife she learns her true freedom is in his arms and bondage is the emptiness she feels when they’re parted. Instead of wishing for freedom, she fears for her love’s safety while he does his king’s bidding.


Though she endeavors to hide her apprehension, Ailig knows of his bride’s anxieties yet duty to king and country compels him. Before answering each call to service, he promises to safely return. But there are some perils that even a knight can’t overcome...




Writer, Emily Harteger has been at loose ends her entire life, never quite fitting in anywhere she’s gone. She finds her place in the past amongst the knights and maidens she creates on paper. When a story idea comes to her in a dream, she’s compelled to travel to England on a trip she can neither afford nor justify. She’s drawn to the shores of Northern England where vivid pictures fill her head and she pens a lurid tale of Sir Alexander and his love Emagarde.


When she meets Alec Woods, the very embodiment of the man she’s visualized in her dreams, she’s drawn under his spell. Her visions of the knight and his love grow stronger and she wonders if the attraction she feels for Alec is real or the product of her wishful dreaming. Then they find a bottle containing a necklace and note identical to one she’s written about in her book…


Is this fantasy or something else entirely?

Knight Time Kiss

Knight Time Kiss​




For months, Emma dreamed of Cyr. The dashing knight invaded her sleep, aroused her senses and made her believe in love. But whenever he bent to kiss her, she woke up. 


Until the day, she wakes up in the middle ages and finds it’s no dream at all. And she’s appeared in the middle of a marketplace full of people who immediately think she’s a witch. Terrified she runs, knowing her life is in danger—if you die in a dream, you’re dead, right? Minutes later, she lands in the mud, right at the feet of her knight. They’ve spent dream after dream together, yet he doesn’t know her at all. Even so, he claims her as his wife and places her firmly under his protection.


Fresh from the continent, Cyr has no interest in being a husband and little interest in being a protector, either. He plans to dispatch Emma to the care of an out-of-the-way abbey at his first chance. She has a better idea. He can just kiss her and send her home.


Their lips meet…




It seems Emma needs to find another way home—even if it means leaving behind the knight who’s stolen her heart and now seems intent on keeping it.

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