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Who doesn’t dream of meeting their rock idol? And what are the chances of running into him on the concourse outside the concert venue? It’s a dream come true. Obviously, it’s fate.


Until he’s a total jerk.


I’m tempted to leave the concert, but heck no, I spent too much money for my front row ticket. Annoyed, I take my seat and glare at him. Not that he’ll know, but it will make me feel better until I get home and rip up every picture I have of him.


But he does know.


To my shock, security comes for me at the intermission. Crap. This won’t end well, will it?




This was already an utter dumpster-fire of a day. Broken guitar strings, a cut on my chord hand, a brother who’s having a diabetic event right before we’re supposed to go onstage… Then I run into the cutest little groupie I’ve ever seen. I don’t have time for this. I’ve never had time for females—at all. I cut her dead before I do something I’ll regret. Like drag her onto the tour bus and never let her go.


Only I do regret it. And when she takes her place in front of me and proceeds to shoot daggers at me, I know I’ve made a huge mistake. Not only is this a woman I need to pursue, but she’s mine.


The tour bus option seems like a good idea after all…

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