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Kuznetsov Bratva




I don’t require a lot: Pay up, Follow the rules, Keep your mouth shut. Do this and we’re golden. Don’t and you’ll find out why I’m the top enforcer of the Kuznetsov Bratva.

We’ve got no problems until I have a big problem: Katiya Baranov, the daughter of our enemy. The daughter of someone who did not shut up and pay up. Someone in the Baranov family has a big mouth. Now, she belongs to the Kuznetsov, who’ve “given” her to me as insurance. What will I do with this unwilling wife, especially when her family comes gunning for me? What will I do with her since I’m sure she’d rather cut my throat than submit to this marriage?

For both our sakes, I’d better ensure that we’re seeing eye to eye and heart to heart soon because when the enemy comes calling the family motto comes to bear: Nobody But Us. Katiya must be one of us or die, taking my future with her.

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You screw up and you deal with me. I'm a soldier, a torpedo, for the Kuznetsov Bratva. You don't want me to go BOOM.

This time, I'm after the Tortelli family who intercepted one of our weapons shipments. My comrades and I are going in--and we'll be the only ones coming out of this. Alive, anyway.

Or so I think, until I meet Sophia Tortelli. And now, she's mine.

She calls it kidnapping. I call it finding a wife. But it might be the shortest marriage in my family history, when she finds out just how I ended up at her bedroom door, taking her as mine. She's furious, but that doesn't make her any less MINE. Here and in eternity.

Room Fifteen: Making Her Obey

Room Fifteen: Making Her Obey




As a pampered Bratva princess, I expect everyone to obey my orders. It’s been that way since the day I was born. To the outside eye, my life is good. I have my own business. I’m wealthy. I seem to have everything I could ever want.

Except freedom.

Yes, I’m the princess, but I’m always closely guarded or under lock and key. I just want a night to let loose!

Enter Club Sin. I’m making a break for it and spending the night in the hallowed halls of the sex club. For once, I'll forget I’m the woman who gets whatever she wants and let my three partners command my every pleasure.

Tonight, I’ll be under their command—if they can make me obey.

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With the death of my father came great power and much responsibility.

I'm now the Pakhan, the leader, of the Kuznetsov Bratva. As such, I'm required to marry for an heir and for an alliance. I know just the woman, a female as fiery as the sun and as cold as a Siberian winter. The moment I set eyes of Alena Moskal lightning jolted through me. It may have been her taser, but I knew she was mine.

That day, she sealed her fate, and now, I'm claiming what's mine.

With my new bride in tow, kicking and screaming and cursing my name, I'm going home where I will teach her to be a proper Kuznetsov wife. She will learn. She must. We have an empire to build.

Pennd Promises

Penned Promises

(note: this book is a crossover to Kuznetsov Bratva

but not truly part of the same world) 



Dear Pollux,

My sister was supposed to write you, but she flaked out, so I’m writing to say someone is thinking of you out here. I don’t know what you did—or anything about you, to tell the truth. That’s okay. We can still be pen pals. I hope this finds you well. Be safe.



From the first letter she writes, Bexley is the only ray of light in Pollux’s slate gray life. He hasn’t seen her, but with every word they exchange, he knows. She is his, and somehow soon, he’s going to have her in his arms and keep her there. Even the prison bars he’s behind won’t stop him. With every letter he writes her, he’s penning promises between the lines. Promises he will keep, even if he has to die trying.

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