Malloy Brothers

The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise

(Malloy Brothers - 1)


I see. I want. I take. That’s my mantra, but it’s always been applied to business deals. Never in my life have I thought about using it in regard to a woman. At least, not until I met her. Emerson Blake. The woman of my dreams, who I spied across a crowded bar. I spent ten minutes with her, yet I immediately knew I’d spend the rest of my life loving. She lives on the other side of the country, way too far from my bed and my life in Las Vegas, but I’ve overcome worse obstacles. 


She doesn’t know it yet, but she’d about to get the Christmas surprise of a lifetime.




Three months ago, we had ten perfect minutes together. That’s all it took for him to impact my life. Everything shifted, and I didn’t even realize it. But my thoughts returned to him over and over. I obsessed over a guy who you barely met and will never see again, longed for him. So the cruise I unexpectedly won seems like a good way to get my head on straight again. 


Then in walks Mr. Obsession, and my plans for fun and sun and forgetting him go out the porthole. All I can imagine is spending hours in his arms.


This time, we don’t have ten minutes. We have seven days. Will it be enough to last a lifetime?


Yeah. I doubt it, too.


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