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Single Title, Standalone Stories
Two Plus One

Two Plus One

Addition has never been so steamy, and in this equation, 2 + 1 = Oh!

College math professor, Briony Swift, lives life on the straight and narrow. After all, one plus one always equals two. There are no surprises in arithmetic. There are no surprises in her life. She likes it that way.

Until two of her students—two very male, smoking-hot students—show her two plus one might be a better problem to explore. They’re volunteering to do that research with her. They’ll have it no other way.

For Nic and Leo, the time’s come to teach the teacher. She might think they’re off limits, but as far as they’re concerned, it’s Briony who’s off limits—to anyone but them. They’re claiming her once and for all.

So the story problem is this: If two hot men you’ve wanted from afar approach you and offer your wildest dreams, how long do you wait to take them up on their offer? (Friends, story problems never make sense, but trust me, the answer is YES.)

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Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride.jpg

Stealing the Bride




Her marriage of convenience is inconvenient to the two men who love her.

Mara isn’t in love…at least not with the prospective groom. No, she’s in love with two men who are completely off-limits to her. Two. Not one. Two.

Well, it is what it is, and it’s never happening. Her fantasies can be her own little secret. Determined to get her head on straight, she secretly ends her arrangement then heads off to a retreat alone in the woods. She’ll be far, far away from civilization and the two men who tempt her.

As far as Jacob and Daniel are concerned, Mara is out of her ever-lovin’ mind if she thinks she’ll ever be with another man. She is theirs, and they’ll prove it. Even if they have to steal the bride.

Note: this is a re-release of a previously released story by the same name. It has been extensively reworked and expanded, including an added prologue and epilogue.

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