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O My Scot

Falling For Forever





Going home for Thanksgiving will be different this year. I'm supposed to bring the rolls. Instead, I'm bringing my new Scottish husband—who no one's met. He needed a wife; I needed a break from my mom's nagging. It's a temporary match made in contract heaven.

Until I start falling in love. Now what do I do? Because in one year, I'll have to say goodbye, and my husband will take my heart with him.

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#Bridesmaid Again
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#Bridesmaid Again




Eleven sorority sisters. Eleven weddings. And I'm in every one of them. Always a bridesmaid and not a groom in sight for me.

Well, I've had it with this. It's time for this bridesmaid to break loose from the pitying looks and have some fun. Enter Angus McGuffin. I've seen Mr. Hottie McScottish Hottie at every wedding. We've exchanged words, flirty words, but never acted on them. This time, I'm taking him down. To the mattress.

The "wedding of the century" won't be about me standing up. It'll be about me going down and hooking up.


Thank God. What? You thought I'd say no? Pfft.

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