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Making the Ogre's Naughty List





Good girl no more! This year, I’m making the naughty list.

It’s a good plan until I step a little too far out of line. My boss, an actual ogre, sweeps me in to show me the error of my ways. Next thing I know, he's taken me to his lair for reparations. Might I mention, that lair is not anywhere you can hop a plane to visit or grab a train to flee from. Nope. I find myself in a whole other world I never dreamed of.

Suddenly, I'm a prisoner of the ogre who’s the keeper of Santa’s naughty list. Who knew my boss had a side gig? Now, he’s ready to teach me my lesson. He’s determined to show me the error of my ways with unspeakable pleasure. 

He’s the one who’s in error. I’m staying right where I am on the naughty list and in his bed.

Making the Naughty List 12-2b.jpg
#Bridesmaid Again
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