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She Thought It Was Over

Oh, no, not so fast there, Sybil!

Yesterday, I pressed publish on my favorite Taboo Wishes books. Sybil is one of those characters who just stuck with me after I wrote her. She's headstrong, quirky, creative and knows exactly what she wants--and she loves her man more than anything, even if she has to let him go for both their goods.

Syb showed up for the first time in Mr. Smith's Whip then again in Dick Does Jane. Surprise surprise, she's Dick's sister. In Mr. Smith's Whip, we find out how devoted she is to her Master, how much she loves him. In Dick Does Jane, she's devastated because they've parted ways. There was never a question for me as to whether I'd write her book. I had to. My girl needed an HEA, too. So, Sybil Disobedience was born. (I must admit, I can't wait to write her brother Oliver's book, in part so we can visit Syb again.)

Here's a look at the book.


Sybil Anderson is caught in a dilemma. She’s been in the BDSM scene long enough to know what she needs, but the man she wants doesn’t want the same things she does. Oh he’s dominant; there’s no doubt about that. He’ll demand, he’ll tie her up, he’ll torment her with pleasure, but he refuses to lay a hand on her lily-white rear. And that’s what she wants most.

Concerned that he’ll lose control, Kellon Marecek has always avoided the spanking part of BDSM, but when he meets Syb, she wants more than he’s ever given. He’ll need to change now or lose her. And he’s not giving up Sybil for any reason, not because of his reluctance and definitely not because of her rampant disobedience.


Kellon Marecek stared at Sybil, his girlfriend and sub, in disbelief as she stood just inside the front door of his apartment with her arms crossed over her chest.

“…So, I think it’s best if we end things here,” she was saying.

He held up a hand to stop her. “Why?”

“You know why. What have I been telling you? What have I been telling you for weeks?” she retorted.

She looked down at the floor, and her fingers tightened on her upper arms, gouging in and reminding him that this was difficult on her. It would be difficult for any sub—basically telling off her Dom. But then, she was relieving him of that duty, wasn’t she?

“I need more than you’re giving me,” she said finally. “I can’t force you to—” She drove a hand through her long, black hair. “God, I sound like a complete ungrateful masochist when I say this. I need you to spank me. I need that pain and the promise of that discipline, and you won’t give that to me. You refuse because of your past. I understand. I get that. But it doesn’t change my needs.”


“No. We’ve hashed this out over and over,” she interrupted, tossing up her hand again. “It’s over, Kellon.” She turned and reached for the doorknob.

“Sybil!” he tried again, grabbing her arm. “I command you to stop.”

She tensed beneath his hand. Slowly, her head turned, and the pitying look in her eyes cut him dead.

Happy reading!

~~ Brynn

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