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Catching Up

So it's been a hot minute, yes? I guess, at least, something is hot. At the writing of this post, it's 4°F here. Brrr. We're weathering through it (see what I did there...weathering through... Don't mind me. It's Friday night, and it's been a week.)


Where was I? Okay.


So the last time we chatted, I was doing a blog challenge. That went up in flames about the time my life turned into burnt toast the end of last year. Nothing dire; don't worry. It was just a problem getting ANYTHING done. In fact, one of the manuscripts I did finish, I'm in the middle of rewriting.

Things are going better. I started out the year with the release of Czech Mate. It's been very well received. Have you read it? I had such a blast writing it. My family on my mom's side is 100% Czech, so learning about that area and writing about Czech traditions was a lot like delving into family history. If you're interested in a little Christmas at Valentine's season, you can pick it up HERE. It's in Kindle Unlimited until March.

Prior to that, I released Making the Ogre's Naughty List. You guys... I haven't had so much fun writing a book since I don't know when. I've gotten a ton of gushing feedback, so I'm thrilled you guys love it as much as I loved creating it. I imagined a whole new world called Orclandia, and we're going back there soon. If you read the book and want to know if Santor is getting a book, YES!! Yes, Santor is getting his book this year. It will be called Kidnapped by Santor. But...

Before we can get to Santor, there will be another Orclandia book called Centaur of My Attention. Yes...the hero is a centaur. Has Brynn figured out how she's working that out yet? Nope. Will she have fun coming up with the logistics. Of course!

So if you'd like to delve into the world of Orclandia, you can get the first book HERE.

Enough about the past (for now). I am beyond excited for what's coming up next. My upcoming book is: Hating her Ex Valentine. It's Book 4 in the Cherish Cove: Wellston Series and Book 1 in Pressure Racing. Our hero, Axel, is a stock car driver and our heroine, Bristol, is the girl he left behind. Is Axel going to have to grovel?

See Axel.

See Axel grovel.

See Bristol.

See Bristol not buying it.

See Axel.

See Axel grovel some more.

(This is a Brynn book. You know he's going to break through her walls.)

Two quick side notes before I move on from this:

1. YES, Rule Breaker is coming soon!! So is Finding His Light EXCEPT I changed the title. It will now be Seeking His Sunshine. The previous title was way too close to Book 2: Finding His Love.

2. Just a random thing... Pressure Racing has been in the works for a looooooooong time. Do you remember Chords from the summer of 2020? Romy and Dray? Romy's uncle is Troy Pressure. BUT...the next book in this series, I started writing in 2010!!!! Sometimes, things take a long time to develop.

This series has so many moving parts...

So... Speaking of the Cherish Cove books, LOL... Sigh. You guys. I have knots to untie!!!! This umbrella series (Cherish Cove) has at least six sub categories beneath it and lots of crossover between them. There's a cousin here and a friend there and...wait...Sadie still needs a book?

So I've been making a diagram, so you all can see all the interconnections. Every book can be read alone, but seeing old friends is always nice. Knowing how all the family members connect is good, too. That said, I'm working on a family tree and a series tree. I may need divine intervention on it though. Right now it looks a little like this:

But with a lot less murder and no wigs.

So...I'm off to untangle things. Or maybe tangle them even more.

Talk soon!!!




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