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Circling Back

Without getting too personal about this, do you ever feel like your life is just a bunch of circles?

Leaving town. Going back to your hometown.

Single. Married. Singled back up.

Success. Not so successful; Success.

Forgiving. Realizing the old hurt is still there. Forgiving again.

Fashions come. Fashions go. Then they return and we're all like "NO!!"

Losing. Gaining. Losing. Hopefully Gaining again (unless it's weight)

Which adds...

Getting skinny. Getting fat. Getting skinny again...

I think it applies to processes and ideas, too. What was working, might not be working now. But a method you used long ago now works again. Or in terms of books, what was selling, now isn't, and what used to sell is back.

If that makes any sense.

But that's the way of the book market and I've known, since the very beginning of my writing, that the market changes. It's very fluid. Authors are always looking at what's hot and what's not. Some authors continue along their path because "this is what I write" and some others morph a little. Or a lot.

This blog didn't start out to be about writing. It's about life circles and how I sometimes feel like mine is moving in a perpetual loop. Not because I'm doing the same things and getting the same results, but because it's the rhythm of life. Of my life anyway.

I shouldn't be surprised. The earth circles. The seasons circle. I just never figured the Circle of Life meant more than birth and death and generations living on into perpetuity...

Apparently, today is Deep Thinking Sunday.

I think there's some astrological, metaphysical correlation that goes with this, the planets guiding us to revisit old patterns, etc. I couldn't explain it exactly because it's not something I've really studied. I'm more aware of it in my periphery.

But okay, going back to the writing... I find myself more and more drawn to revisiting old things. Writing reverse harem/menage, which is strangely on its way out. Writing some darker, less safe stories. Revisiting my shifters. Finally rewriting and publishing a series I wrote before my first book was ever published almost 15 years ago. The things that have been gone for a long season are returning. And I feel a rising excitement in my soul as lost parts of myself return, as I meet old "friends" again.

Some of this revisiting is going to start leaking out this summer and fall, but much of it will emerge in the coming year. I'm excited and refreshed. Sometimes the old does become new. Because we keep on circling on and on and on...

Tip of the Day: Be the bigger person. It makes life easier, even if it's the harder path.

Quote of the Day: Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die. (Marianne Williamson)

What I Learned Today: Hydras don't die. They are the only living creatures that regenerate, constantly replacing old cells with fresh ones.

Lots of Love,




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