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Daily Joe - Catch Up (A little Deja Vu)

So, yeah... Until yesterday, it had been over a year since I posted. Where does the time go?! I figured I'd catch up on what I've released in the past year. Compared to normal, it doesn't look like many books, but man, this past year, I have written some long stories!

If any of these interest you, click on the cover for more info. Or just scroll through to take a walk through memory lane, via the pictures.

Or click HERE to skip down to my upcoming release.

February 2023


Skiing and nature have always been my passion. Scoring a job at the Sander's Lodge as their head ski instructor is a dream come true. On the side, I'll work with their outdoorsman, Pete, who conducts nature walks, camping and fishing trips, and all the adventures that don't take place on the slopes. I imagine we'll get on great since I love all those things. He sounds exactly like the guy's guy I'll want to hang out with at work and after hours.


Oops. I guess, Mikaly is in for a surprise, huh? I did my research on him before he was hired, and man, does that man warm me up from only a picture. Good thing. Our first order of business is a polar bear camping trip and we'll need all the heat.

April 2023

Dear Pollux,

My sister was supposed to write you, but she flaked out, so I’m writing to say someone is thinking of you out here. I don’t know what you did—or anything about you, to tell the truth. That’s okay. We can still be pen pals. I hope this finds you well. Be safe.



From the first letter she writes, Bexley is the only ray of light in Pollux’s slate gray life. He hasn’t seen her, but with every word they exchange, he knows. She is his, and somehow soon, he’s going to have her in his arms and keep her there. Even the prison bars he’s behind won’t stop him. With every letter he writes her, he’s penning promises between the lines. Promises he will keep, even if he has to die trying.

May 2023

I did the unforgivable. I lived. And now, I’m going to take down the man who’s trying to save me from myself.

Available only through my newsletter.

May 2023


He left me. Six years ago, Axel Pendleton, the love of my life, the man I was supposed to marry, left me to pursue his stock car racing career. To him, it was one or the other. Racing or me. I was black flagged and left choking on his retreating dust.

Is it any wonder I hate him?

Worse, he doesn’t even know what he left behind. I wonder if he’ll care when he finds out.


That’s not how it was.

Bristol is wrong about a few details. In particular...the “supposed to marry” part. And when she finds out the truth, then she might end up hating me even more. But if I have my way, I’ll no longer be an ex. I’ll be her forever.

July 2023

I have two problems… And Luca DeMilo is both of them.

I’ve been a nanny for seven years, and in all that time, I’ve only worked for two-parent families or single moms. Not…single dads. But when I’m get a new assignment—the only one available right now—it’s for a guy.

And as it turns out, not just any guy. Nope. It’s Luca freaking DeMilo, the boy I’ve had a crush on since…oh…forever. Only he’s no boy anymore. And I’m pretty sure he never noticed me way back when.

I should have said no. Should have, but I didn't.

Monday morning, I’m on his doorstep and praying he’s aged poorly.

Nope. No such luck. One look into his intense blue eyes, and I swoon. Internally, of course. I’m a professional, and I need this job as the new nanny for his little squid. Squid is his term, not mine. His sweet little girl is as adorable as he’s gorgeous, though she seems to have as many arms as the afore mentioned beast. My heart melts the second I meet her.

So… Yeah. There was no way “no” is anywhere in my vocabulary. Be his daughter’s nanny?

Sign. Me. Up.

I just have to keep my not-so-little crush as a not-so-little secret.

July 2023


Ten years ago, an unspeakable horror stole my voice. Doctors don't know why. But my ability to speak was buried deep with my parents. Not a word has come from me since. The Sparrow ceased her song.

And then I met Hudson. He's so full of life, and once he sees me, so intent on everything I do. He wants to change the unspeakable agony inside me to unspeakable joy in his arms.

It scares me, but... There's also nothing in the world I could want more.

November 2023

I heard of the devil, but I was never a believer. Now, I’m ready to call 1-800-exorcist.

I just got promoted! Yay, right?

Not so much.

Being the executive assistant to the company’s CEO blew up my life. No one can please this man—especially me. No lie: I’m sure if you look up “Bosshole” in the dictionary, you’ll find a smirking picture of Keiran Brothers, the man who’s turned my life upside down. Yesterday, I loved my job. Today, I’m contemplating murder and non-extradition countries.

And that’s before I’m forced to pretend I’m his doting fiancée for the long holiday weekend. Keiran is after a big new contract, one that requires the client to believe Keiran is a settled man. He needs me to convince everyone we’re madly in love. That or lots of people could lose their jobs.

No big deal. I can do it. I think so, anyway.

Until we have to share a bed.

Until my ex is also at the beach house and watching our every move.

Until I see what Keiran’s really like when he’s not being Mr. Billionaire Bosshole.

Until I start to fall for him.

And that’s when I know I’m really in trouble.

This standalone novel is part of the Billionaire Club and related to the Bad Boy Club. All books in both series can be read as standalone books and in any order.

December 2023

I, Kayden Perry, don’t do holidays, but this year, my record label insists I throw the bash of the season.

Great. Fa-la-la-la-no-no-no!

With no choice other than to comply, I go to the best in the biz: my sister’s best friend, Clover Fields. The woman shines so bright with her perpetual sunshine I need sunglasses just to look at her. Or...maybe to look at her curvy perfection without anyone knowing what’s on my mind. Spoiler alert: I’m not thinking of gingerbread men or tinsel.

Unfortunately, my party isn’t the only gig in town. I need a date to accompany me and fast. And like Cinderella, Clover is the only one who fits, not just as my date for the season, but as my wife for forever. But I’m no prince, and Clover has no interest in my celebrity lifestyle. Unless I can convince her to be mine, it looks like I’ll be grumpy all the way...for life.

March 2024

A woman on the run, two cowboys who’ve claimed her, and the Bratva who want her back… What could go wrong? Everything.

The people of Daly think Devon Magnus is a guy.

That’s her plan, and it’s been a good one, but she’s tired of running and hiding. After five long years, she wants her life back. That’s a hard task since she’s fleeing from her stepfather and his evil cronies. They aren’t the type to give up.

But neither are her cowboys, Cannon and Hawk. They know she’s a woman. They also know she’s theirs, and they’re determined to protect and claim her. They’ve been patient, but she’s kept them at arm’s length long enough. She can’t anymore; they won’t let her. They want her in their arms and in their bed.

But it’s only when fear and comfort collide that passion explodes. Then nothing can keep them apart. Her men are everything she needs. Friends. Lovers. Protectors.

Hers. All hers.

And as far as her cowboys feel? No one will hurt her. And no one will take their future, their love, or their Dev from them. They’ll do anything for her. She’s under their protection.


A land and a people forgotten by time.

A group of women thrust backward a million years.

Shocking discoveries the future will never know. 

And timeless loves that overcome the ages.

Everything’s bigger in paleolithic age.

And that’s the last thing I wanted to learn when I embarked on a women’s retreat to chill the eff out. Did I chill? No. The group I’m with got sucked through some time vortex back to prehistoric Earth—at least, I think it’s Earth. 

Good news: we’re alive. For now.

Bad news: there’s no way back—at least, that’s what we’re told by the few humans who came before us.

Worse news: the leader of the locals, Zaatah, an honest-to-goodness super-archaic “caveman”, is looking for his mate. And guess who it is.

No. That’s not happening. I don’t care what some prehistoric know-it-alls have to say. I don’t want a cave-boyfriend. I’m finding my way back to my low-maintenance plants, microwave dinners, and my teacup dog.

Zaatah has other plans, however. Me in his furs. Now.





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