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Daily Joe - 100 Day Challenge

Holy Moly! Is it Brynn?

Yep. I'm writing a blog post. I decided to challenge myself to a 100 day challenge. So here I am halfway through the week bringing you a blog post. Who knows what I'll write about the next 100 days? It probably won't be anything earth shattering. But it being Wednesday, halfway through the week, this made me giggle:

This is really just an intro post to what I plan to do... At least, 300 words every day. Some days, it'll probably be more. Knowing'll be more. That's it. That's the extent of the challenge.

I run several of these for myself. They're kind of like things I do every day, streaks I want to keep going. Maybe, I'll track those here, too. Accountability. Maybe I won't. But below is an example.

These are my ongoing streaks, challenges that this blog challenge will join:

  • Tracking my food calories: 2487 days (just shy of 7 years straight)

  • Spanish lessons: 785 days ( I started during the pandemic as something to do)

  • Walking 30 minutes daily for 30 days: day 11

  • Five to Thrive: day 10

Five to Thrive is:

1. Getting up an hour early daily

2. 30 minutes movement a day

3. Drinking enough water daily

4. Daily Gratitude

5. Giving up something not moving my life forward.

  • Blog for 100 days: day 1

I'm pretty big about doing tracking/streaks like this. The higher the number, the more I don't want to break that run. Maybe, that's a habit tip. Huh... Okay. That's probably going to be the gist of things this week. Talking about some things that I've been doing to keep my life on the rails (or to get it back there when things go sideways and barrel roll down an incline.)

Blogs to look for the next couple days:

Bare Essentials (Ooh that sounds cryptic)

My Morning Decision

Facing My Goals

Morning Coffee Ritual

Definitely let me know if there's something you'd like me to write about in the blog.

What I'm up to today:

Usually, I would write this at the beginning of the day, but here we are. I spent a bunch of time at Discount Tire today. A LOT of time. Six hours and forty-five minutes of time. They really want you to make an appointment and not do a walk-in, even though they take them. But hey! their next appointment was in two weeks and I can't really schedule the hole in my tire for that date.

While I was there, I worked on plotting for one of my upcoming books. Annnnnnnd I read a whole book. And full disclosure, I obsessively checked the weather. Since 5 AM this morning, we went from Winter Storm Advisory to Winter Storm Watch to Winter Storm Warning.

Brynn is not very impressed.

Look, winter is pretty. It brightens up things at night. That's it. That's all I like about it. Oh bugs. I like that too.

That's about all for tonight. Off to work on some words before dropping into bed.

Love you more than coffee!




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