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Daily Joe: Monsters Monsters Monsters!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Welcome to Thursday's Daily Joe. What am I talking about today?


As I mentioned yesterday, it's been all monsters all the time lately. I thought today, I'd talk about some of my favorite "monsters" from books and movies. Some of these you may consider human, but I said what I said.

In no particular order...

Silvertongue from Inkheart by Cornelia Caroline Funke. You kinda gotta love a guy who reads and makes a book come to life in a manner of speaking. Okay, he can read things in and out of books, but it’s still tres cool.

Wolverine, the Hugh Jackman version. Probably a case of lust, but the character Wolverine gets a vote anyway. All that angst. All that power. All that adamantium. How I’d like to feel his steel-like…muscles.

Shape-shifting dragons. This isn’t really a plug for myself. I just happen to like them. But if you haven't read my dragons... HERE. My dragons are heroes but okay, I can't lie...

I've probably been in love with the idea of shape-shifting into a dragon since I saw Maleficent do it in Sleeping beauty. Be still my tiny heart. It came out ten years before I was born, so I can't tell you how old I was when I first saw Sleeping Beauty, but I know I was entranced.

Jacob, the wolf shape-shifter. Yes that one. I’m supporting Team Jacob for the day. I won't lie. Jacob wasn't always my favorite of the pair in that movie. I fast forward through most of the second movie. BUT the guy was so protective and full of conviction. I give him all kinds of points. The wolves were kinda badass in those movies. More badass than the good guy vampires. Now the bad guy vampires...

Aro from Twilight. Now this guy. He had quite the band of bad guy bad asses. They had pretty cool powers. And I kind of liked Aro. He was funny and probably had a back story that would be fun to delve into. As a D&D character, I think he'd probably be lawful evil. He definitely had an agenda and conviction. Maybe his laws weren't...good...but he had his reasons.

Other shape-shifters. I loved Dakota Rebel’s wolf in Wolf in Men’s Clothing. Her Touch of Gray series is definitely worth a read through...more than once. And her Midwest Monsters!!! Okay...I sorta veered off the part there. Midwest Monsters isn't shapeshifters per se. And while I'm gushing... How about Lacey Thorn's Awakening Pride books or the James Pack books. YUM!!!! I would also be seriously remiss if I didn’t mention how I adore Lora Leigh’s Breed books, especially the Feline and Wolf Breed books.

The Wild Things from the book Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. My oldest child was a wild thing. Okay, he was more Max than the monsters, but we loved him for it. We love the creatures. I used to read him the book and change Max to my son’s name. A great hit. I suggest it for the wild things in your home.

The Monster at the End of the Book Um, Grover. That is all. Lifelong favorite.

The Mummy/Imhotep from the movies, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Okay, read it here, I was rooting for the mummy. I felt bad for the guy. Misled and betrayed left and right. He was merely a victim of his circumstances who got the bad end of the stick. I mean he should have kept his "stick" away from pharaoh's woman, and not killed the guy, but... Is it bad that I wanted him to get a HEA?

Dracula from Hotel Transylvania. Sorry, not sorry.

Dracula from Bram Stoker's Dracula (movie). It was probably Gary Oldman, but I kinda felt for the guy. A lot. Not gonna lie...there was that one scene with Lucy... (big wide eyes) It was definitely this movie that drove it home to me that the "bad guys" are maybe not so bad in their own books. They have their reasons, yo!

Thing. Not The Thing but Thing. You know...from Addam's Family. Never has there ever been a more expressive and mouthy hand. Note: I'd like to include Morticia Addams (as portrayed by Anjelica Huston) as a favorite monster, but alas, she was human. More human than any of the somewhat humans I may have listed earlier. *cough Wolverine cough*

R the Zombie from Warm Bodies, played by Nicholas Hoult. I feel like he's an underrated monster and this was an underrated movie. But it could be my weirdo movie taste. I fell in love with this little Romeo and Juliet knock off. I liked it better than the Shakespeare book.

Sam Merlotte from True Blood (TV). I think I spent most of my time feeling sorry for the guy, but I loved him. "Most tortured shapeshifter award goes to..." But he managed to pull it out, didn't he?

Vampire Bill from True Blood (TV). I loved him. I hated him. I loved him some more. I'm kind of bitter about how things went down. More than kind of.

I think that's about it for now. I know I'm missing some favorites, but they're not coming to me right now. But hey! That could be another blog for another day! (One I mostly missed was Maleficent, but she gets a whole blog to herself tomorrow.)

Today, October 14, 2021

You guessed it. Monsters. I'll be wrangling Zombies and Vampires and a couple werewolves. Good times! Do I need a license for that??

Talk to you tomorrow for FriYAY!!




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