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Daily Joe: 3+3+3

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Or Hump Day or Halfway to Friday!

Today on Brynn's Daily Joe: 3 + 3 + 3

Three Things I Do Almost Every Day

I'm going to skip the obvi things like writing, eating, drinking lots of coffee, and getting dressed, etc.

  1. Every morning, from 7:30 to about 8:30, I talk to Dakota Rebel on the phone. Sometimes it's less than that, usually it's more. We're a chatty pair. Well, actually, I'm the chattier one. It's the perfect morning starter.

  2. Blog. I've made it a commitment to blog every weekday. As part of this, I've designated topics for every blog from now to the first three days of December. Yesterday, I also start looking at December topics. You guys should let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

  3. Read. I know. Shocker. I try to read for at least an hour every day. That said, sometimes my brain is all over the place and I'll look at ten different books during that hour. Other days... Oops! It's two in the morning (Thank you C.M. Steele Bianchi Crime Family)

Three Things I Talk About Every Day

  1. Writing. I skipped this for the last section, but it fits here. I don't think a day goes by that I don't talk about writing, book development, sales plans, promotions, etc. To say that it's all-consuming would be a major understatement.

  2. The weather. Okay, here's a secret. I'm a weather junky. It there's a big storm, I will switch on the Weather Channel. I have a window right by my desk which can serve as a big distraction. I also have six weather apps on my phone. I only use two of them all the time (Dark Sky and Weather Live). Also, pick one: "It's hot." (whining) "It's humid." (whining) "It's cold." (whining) You see a pattern.

  3. My dog. Or alternately to her, dog treats. I mean, I can't help it. She's always so darn cute and neurotic and silly.

Three Things I Think About Every Day

  1. Is it vegan, what will I make for dinner, how many calories is it, how many calories do I have left for the day, should I go look for a new recipe, oh look! a new recipe... You see the trend. I probably think of it too much. Then again, I bet a lot of people do, if they really thought about it.

  2. What I should be doing. Okay, look, despite writing my blogs days ahead and having them already planned into December and writing a gadzillion books a year, I am a major procrastinator. Apparently, I thrive on stress or something. I don't know. But it leads to the shoulds. I should do this. I should do that. I should have done that last week...

  3. My family. My boys are grown, so I think of how they're doing, how their significant others are. I wonder about the new grandbaby on the way. How's my mom? How's my aunt? You know. Randomly throughout the day. Every day.

Whew...that was a little tougher than I thought it would be! But there you have it 3 + 3 + 3. If you think of any 3 + 3 + 3, let me know!!! I'm always looking for new ideas.

Today, October 27, 2021

Just so you know, the night before my blogs post, I slide into the draft and write this part. At that point, I know what I'll be doing.

Well, I'll be drafting away on Soldier and finalizing my plot for my reverse harem book. I'm also working on a freelance website update for a client. That'll keep me pretty busy!

Heads up on upcoming dates:

November 8: Soldier, book 2 of the Kuznetsov Bratva and part of the Not the Good Guy collection with Kyra Nyx releases.

November 15: Room Fifteen: Making Her Obey releases as part of the Club Sin collection.

November Sometime: Under Their Protection, book 10 of Daly Way, will release

November 27: Step Challenge will leave Kindle Unlimited

November 30: Monster Bait, book 3 of the Monster Misters, releases.

All My Love,




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