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Daily Joe - Sneak Peeks

How about a Sneak Peek at what Promposal Dare is all about?


Look…I don’t do dares. But a great big lie just bit me you-know-where, and I got cornered into this one.

Lesson #1: Don’t lie.

Lesson #2: Don’t try to get cred by saying you befriended the hottest boy band heartthrob on the charts over the summer.

I mean, we were on vacation at the same place and we might have been on a turtle sanctuary tour together. He said hi to me. That counts, right?


Well, flash forward to now, and I’m dateless for the prom. Everyone is hot for me to ask my “friend” to the dance. They’re daring me. Which means I have to take a leap or come clean. I decide to leap. I can only hope and pray that he’s stuck on tour in Japan or something.

I make a promposal video. No one will see it, right? Wrong. It goes viral. And the next day…

The next day, I have a response.


A nerdy girl. The hottest boy band lead singer. A lie that got out of control...

This one is going to be fun! We're going back to Cherish Cove High. I always love to visit Cherish Cove and it's been a bit since I was at CC High.

At the same time, I'm writing Rule Breaker, the next Cherish Cove; Wellston book.

Annnnnnnnd Baker's Men, the next Daly Way book.

Annnnnnnnd Forbidden the first Daly Origins book that takes place in 1854.

Annnnnnnnd Cave Me, my time travel fantasy novel (honestly, this book is getting most of my love right now as It is due by the end of the month.)

Annnnnnnnd Farrah Butler's Week Off, which is releasing on April 26 (preorder coming next week!)

Yeah, yeah, I should pick a lane, but I have so many irons in the fire right now. Strangely, it works for me. The weirdest thing is swinging back and forth between writing first person and third person. Both Daly series are in third person. The others are in first.

Aside from which style I'm using, all of the books are wildly different from each other: a new adult, an older woman/younger man retelling, a fantasy, a reverse harem/menage, a historical, an older woman/younger man motocross new adult (okay that last one encompasses two of the others).

How do I do that? People have asked me: how do you write more than one book at a time. For me, it's kind of like multiple TV shows. I just flip the station and there I am. It helps to have all the projects at different stages, as well.

In case you haven't seen them, here's the cover for Baker's Men:

About this one:

1 Baker

4 Cowboys

She ends up with ALL of them

She's one of the six Szuzman sisters.

You've seen her in several previous Daly books, including Under Their Protection.

She's become besties with her sister Sunflower (yup, you get to see more of Sun and Robert. Get ready for their book. It's next after this one!)

Twin brothers with twin brothers ;)

mm f mm reverse harem.

And an HEA, of course!





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