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Even More Obsessed

Annnnnnnnnd I'm back.

Sorry you guys are getting THREE posts today but I have a lot to say and they all have to be separate.

On that note, also start looking for a post from me every Tuesday afternoon. I joined a blog hop and we will all be putting up our posts at that time.

But back to the topic at hand...

I’ve teamed up with twelve amazing authors to bring you dark, villainous heroes with dark obsessions this fall. Preorder today for just 99¢. You don't want to miss the collection by these amazing authors: Leann Ashers - HJ Bellus - Carina Blake - Daisy Jane - Sapphire Knight - KL Myers- Brynn Paulin - Dani René - Elena M. Reyes - C.M. Steele - Hilary Storm - Murphy Wallace - Alana Winters

They’re watching. Waiting.

Bound by their desires to own—the uncontrollable hunger that breaks rationality and brings forth their baser needs.

To hunt. To take. Morals and humanity have no place in this game, one they’ll win at all costs. A hunter never apologizes. A man claims his woman without guilt or care for the consequences. And in this dark obsession, these demons will own your soul.

The Dark Obsessions Anthology is a deliciously thrilling collection of brand-new stories from 13 talented authors. They will push, taunt, and always aim to please. A little darkness has never tasted so good. Available for a limited time.

Preorder HERE.

My book for this antho is MINE EVERY NIGHT. Here's a Teensy Teaser:

Lots of Love!




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