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Fill The Well

Hey, before you start, this is future Brynn cutting in after writing this post to tell you this post starts out low but it's not all gloom and doom. Promise. Okay, I'm back to the future. Love ya, bye!

This past week, I had a crappy day. It had been building up for a bit. Something about that particular day, Wednesday, just seemed to bring everything to a head, though.

Just a recap because I never wrote about it here: I had two friends going in for serious tests that day, one of my friends was hurting because of an overnight death in her family, my dog was at the vet for in depth testing, I had a migraine and my grandbaby was teething.

I'd been worrying over all the tests and worrying over my dog, who let's face it is like my baby. She'd been "off" since the end of December, but she'd done the same thing last year with no problems found. The vet determined my dog was working something through her system, and the issue did seem to go away. Until it didn't. This time, the vet (a different person), was like, no... And looked deeper into her history since then. This time it was more than a single blood test, though it was an extensive panel. Wednesday, she needed a total abdominal ultrasound.

So "mommy" was stressed and worried and everything compounded.

Ever have a day like that? A week? I think we all have.

This is where things turn around. Mostly.

My friends' tests miraculously both came back outstanding. With one of them, this person's doctor had been 99% sure they'd find cancer. No cancer! Everything is okay. Best news! I am so thankful.

As for my precious doggo, she's doing okay. I'm still waiting on the results of the follow-up test from Thursday. I should find out tomorrow. But...I'm feeling pretty okay in things. If she needs to be medicated, she needs to be medicated. It is what it is.

The grandbaby is still teething, but that also is what it is. With a migraine and everything else in that moment, it seemed like a lot -- for those who don't know, he's with me for about seven hours every day. It's such a blessing to have the time with him.

In the end, Wednesday was good, in a way. It reminded me I needed to spend some time "filling the well" so to speak. So I've been taking time to feed my soul. Usually, I do this on my long walks with my dog. Circumstances and weather have kept that from happening.

Ironically, this week, I started reading Soul Fuel by Bear Grylls, a book that came to me unexpectedly. Additionally, I've taken some down time every day to read some writing craft books on mindset, listen to some enriching podcasts and just lose myself in something funny.

With as many books as I write a year, I don't watch TV at all. When everyone is talking about the latest things like Wednesday or Stranger Things or Witcher or whatever, I just nod, but I have no idea, LOL. BUT this weekend, I took some time to watch a little Big Bang Theory. Nothing takes me out of a funk like that show.

I think mostly, my takeaway is this: no matter how busy things are, FILL THE WELL.

If you run into this same thing, I would suggest doing what I did. I sat down and made a list of things that I could do. Things that are beyond self care, I guess. I needed more than some down time to decompress. I needed something to feed my creative side and that side that energizes me...inspires me.

Maybe, you need to be a creative of some sort for that to make sense. But I think we're all creatives in one way or another.

Anyway, in my little way, I wanted to share my experience and encourage you to look at how you're feeling and if you need a little enrichment, soul feeding, to re-energize you, too. I think in this current global climate, we probably all do.

Remember what you love and do more of that.

Lots of love,




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