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Here Comes the Bridesmaid (again)

Did you hear? It's wedding season! And poor Taya is on her 11th wedding in a year. Of course, her wedding sidekick, Angus has been to all the nuptials, too. It's the only time she sees the tempting Scotsman, and unfortunately, this is the last time. What's a girl to do? Make sure it's a wedding to remember, that's what.

# Bridesmaid Again is part of the Yours Everlasting collection, and this book kicks off the Wedding Hookups portion of the collaboration. All of the books are standalone and set in their own worlds.

Enjoy Taya and Angus today!

Here's a peek at the book:




# Bridesmaid Again By Brynn Paulin


Eleven sorority sisters. Eleven weddings. And I’m in every one of them. Always a bridesmaid and not a groom in sight for me.

Well, I’ve had it with this. It’s time for this bridesmaid to break loose from the pitying looks and have some fun. Enter Angus McGuffin. I’ve seen Mr. Hottie McScottish Hottie at every wedding. We’ve exchanged words, flirty words, but never acted on them. This time, I’m taking him down. To the mattress.

The “wedding of the century” won’t be about me standing up. It’ll be about me going down and hooking up.


Thank God. What? You thought I’d say no? Pfft.

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