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Hoppy Easter

Happy Sunday! Just popping in to say Happy Easter!

It's been a lowkey day here. I'm taking a few minutes out to write this, because it's my aim to spend more time on blogs than on social media. I love all my readers over on Facebook, but with the everchanging landscape there, this is more the place to be, since I can control my website and therefore my blog. If you never want to miss a post, go ahead and subscribe!

In addition to being Easter, today is Selfcare Sunday. My selfcare today was spending time writing in my journal, having morning coffee and enjoying quiet time without anyone around, except my dog who stayed cuddled into my side. It's a wonderful way to spend part of the day.

This afternoon, I got to spend a little while with my oldest son and have a chat with my younger son, and all is well in the world. As well as it can be, anyway. There's a lot going on, but sometimes, you have to build peace inside you and hold on tight.

And...that got more serious than I intended.

Moving on.

This week, I'm working on finishing up Bad Boy Bandleader and writing a good chunk on my next Wellston book. Due to publishing constraints outside of myself, I will be moving Waiting for You into the Book 3 position of the series and release Rule Breaker as Book 4. That means that Mars' book will be before Flip's. It's all good. Mars and Flip's books overlap just slightly with Book 2 and will take place concurrently. Will they give away each other's plots? No. Will you have to read all the books in the series to understand what's going on? Also no. The books, while interconnected, are completely enjoyable as stand alone stories.

I'll be writing to you more about Mars' later this week. Fair warning, it will have trigger warnings. The post and the book. And that is also a topic for another blog--trigger warnings, I mean.

Annnnnnd...moving on. Again.

In addition to those two book, I'm also starting work on a reverse harem story. I plan to announce more about it on Wednesday. It's not a Daly Way book, but it's very much in that style. Three men and one woman. I will release it in late May, early June.

Speaking of Daly Way... That next story has been hanging out on my computer screen this week. I've officially finished the prologue and chapter one. I intend to have that one out in September or October.

Man, I'm all over the place in this blog, LOL. Mostly, I stopped by to say Happy Easter, then I dropped a whole whack of book info. But what's new from me, right? I have so many things to tell you, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Tip of the day: Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa. You are guacamole, baby. You. Are. Guacamole. (I definitely can't take credit for this quote, but I can't find who said it first. Also, this is very true. You are the pricy stuff, babe! Don't let anyone treat you like less.)

Quote of the day: Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl. (Benjamin Jowett)

What I learned today: Roller coasters were invented in the 1880s to distract people from sin. What? They were meant to sidetrack people from "immoral" places like brothels and saloons. You are welcome!

Lots of Love!

~~ Brynn



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