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Mid-April Writing Update

All the news I wish was in print...

Soooo...where am I at? I'm working on several projects, so I'll update you on each.

Runaway Cowgirl - Hey! This book is complete! It was released on April 4th. You can find it HERE.

Stranded With the Billionaire - Still writing. Still about halfway through the story. Still stranded on a deserted island in Micronesia.

Billionaire Auction - This book is a new development! Occasionally, you have something come to you from out of the blue. A couple weeks ago, Tia Fanning asked me if I'd like to write this book with her, and boy, I was more than excited to say yes. We've been going great guns on it, and I think we'll have draft one complete by next week. Whoot!! Check out the beautiful cover HERE.

Mad About Her Cowboys - I'm working through development on this book. I think we're looking at another emotional roller coaster (shocker!). Since Madison appeared in Eye of Her Storm, I've known she had secrets. Seems like there's a lot more than I thought...and it involves one of our heroes, Connor Quist. I haven't been able to dive fully into this book while I've been drafting Stranded With the Billionaire, but I'm looking to complete it by May.

In My Chains - Still feeling all chained up about this book. Due to other projects, I'm pushing it to July. All the Tradition Bound are near to my heart and there's no way I'm rushing this one and screwing it up. I'm still a quarter through the re-write.

And that is my mid-month update. The end-of-the-month update will be on April 26.

~~ Brynn



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