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Monday Daily Joe - Quack Quack Quack!

Good Monday, Brynnions!

Who's excited for eclipse day? Or if you're reading this afterward, was it as cool as you thought it would be?

I have my eclipse glasses and plan for the day and I'm ready to go. Yes, a plan, because I have a dog and a toddler to consider.

Here's hoping that Michigan cooperates. Seems like anytime we have a celestial event we have thick cloud cover. Our last solar eclipse, in 2017, it was a pretty clear day, though. I was also underwhelmed, but it wasn't an eclipse of this magnitude. Michigan was too far from the narrow path of totality.

The last one like this, for us, was 1954. I still don't get the giant hype and doomsdaying and fear. FACT: solar eclipses aren't that uncommon. On average, 2.38 solar eclipses of one kind or another occur each year. There must be at least two per year, but there can’t be more than five. More than 72 percent of all years have just two solar eclipses. (this fascinating article has a lot of good info plus a cool chart that lists all the places in the US and their last/next time to be in the path of totality.)

I hope that wherever you are, if you can see the eclipse, you'll step outside and witness the event (with proper care to protecting the eyes, please! You want to be able to read book and [wink] my blog afterward)

To take a slight turn, related to the topic, there's a lot of fearmongering going on about the eclipse. I've seen some crazy stuff.

Do I think some crazy stuff will happen? Yep. Humans are human and somewhere out there, someone (or a few someones, unfortunately) will get a hair and decided to do something insane.

Do I think something weird might happen? Yup. Weird things happen every day.

So, have you ever heard of the word Apophenia? Sometimes, it's also called patternicity or cognitive bias. It means seeing meaningful connections between unrelated things.

If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck and makes duck lips...that doesn't mean it's a duck.

And this is from someone who follows astrology (lightly) and is a true believer in mercury retrograde (or mercury drinking Gatorade as I usually say).

Astrologically, this is a time for truths being revealed. Eclipses can be a catalyst for new opportunities and new beginnings. It's a time to plant seeds and new intentions and let go of what no longer serves you.

Is that a cognitive bias? Yes, that is, too. I'd rather go with that, however, than gloom and doom.

I hope you have a wonderful eclipse day!! And I hope it's the beginning (or continuation) of wonderful things for you.



HEY, one more thing. Have you seen the cover for the first Daly Origins book? Teaser coming next Friday!



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