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The Daily Joe, July 18

Welcome to Not-Quite-Friday! It's looking to be stormy here today, and when you go outside... Ugh! Feels like walking into a wet sauna. Very damp. So I'm staying in and writing steamy words instead.

Random thought of the day: My right hand has never touched my right elbow. My right elbow has also never touched my nose.

Did you just try it? The elbow to the nose thing...

Don't hurt yourself twisting a muscle or something. I know it's impossible to do, but I can't help trying a different angle sometimes...LOL!

Today, July 18, 2019

It's a word-filled day! Yesterday, sadly, I didn't end up writing any words that counted toward my story goals. I did a lot of editing and admin kind of work. What?! A writer has to do stuff that isn't writing? Yup. A lot of it some days.

Today, I'm surging forward into the headwaters of The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise. I'll probably spend the afternoon there. Maybe I'll go outside, close my eyes and pretend it's Jamaica. It's feeling pretty tropical out there.

Nope, I'm not complaining about the weather. Just saying Michigan is helping to create some good atmospheric research for the jungle.

In addition to that writing, I'm continuing to make notes and additions on In My Chains. Below is the original cover and the new cover. For those who don't know, the original book published in 2007 was approximately 28,000 words. The new version is approximately 100,000 words. So in essence, it's a completely different book. Don't be fooled by Goodreads (Note to self: contact a Goodreads Librarian because the listing over there is all mucked up -- but that's a task for a different day).

Okay, ALMOST the last time I'm going to say this: TOMORROW Reclaiming Love releases!!! Do you have your copy?

Early feedback says it's on fire! (I like that!)

Happy reading and stay cool in whatever you do today!

~~ Brynn



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