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The Daily Joe, July 20

Happy Weekend! If you're suffering through a heatwave like most of the United States, I hope you stay cool today. I must say, that's proving to be difficult here. You almost didn't get a Daily Joe today, because at 1:39 this morning a pretty nasty, damaging storm rolled through and we lost power. On what they're saying might be our hottest and most humid night and day of the year. Yippee. As of about 13 hours later, we're still out. It could be until Monday sometime. But like I said, it was pretty damaging, like roofs blown off and houses destroyed damaging. Not even our deck furniture and outside plants moved or were damaged, so we were very lucky.

But all my blog stuff is trapped on my other computer, along with my brand new story that I forgot to save before going to bed last night. I'm hoping it will be auto-recovered or I'll be doing some rewriting.

So...info for the day. Do you know what a derecho is? It's straight line winds that can be as damaging as a tornado. They're widespread, with wind gusts of at least 58 mph, usually associated with strong thunderstorms.

What we had here overnight wasn't tornadoes, but I haven't heard it termed as a derecho yet, either. The damage was certainly enough for it. Our wind gusts were certainly strong enough (at least 58 mph) and the storm was widespread enough. We'll see what they call it in coming days.

Today, July 20

Usually, I would do my weekly "great things this week" post today. So here goes:

  1. How could I not lead with Reclaiming Love? My brand new book released yesterday. It's been met with some really nice feedback. Y'all have made my day. Thank you!!

  2. Totally not book related, we got our new deck table and chairs put together and set up. With huge thanks to my little brother who pretty much took over and made it happen. I assisted because I'm not completely inept, but it was mostly all him getting it done! (In related news, the weather has been crap this week and I've barely been able to use it...oh well, LOL)

  3. I guess most of my celebrations have to do with "other things" this week. On Tuesday, I went to a great little concert in the park. They were playing all folksy 60s and 70s music. It was a fun time. Their jokes were 100% lame, but the weather that night was perfect and it was super fun. I don't know about where you live, but you check into little things like this. This one was held in one of the outlying towns from our big city and it was totally free, too.

  4. I made good progress on my writing goals. I'm on track for my next book to come out the end of this month.

  5. I made a firm decision on the release date for In My Chains. I think I announced that on Monday or Tuesday. It will release on October 24.

  6. And oh my gosh, I'm definitely joining a group of fantastic women for a 12 Days of Christmas project. My book will be Jingle Belle's Rock. I don't have my firm date yet, but it should be either 12/13 or 12/20.

  7. And finally, did you see the live I did with Dakota Rebel on Wednesday night? So much fun!! Check it out! We talked about quite a few of her books as well as our upcoming projects. Yes, I said projects. We had a little bit of difficulty with sound the first 1:25 as she was getting on board, but the rest of the video audio is good. You can find it HERE. Also, our current project is HERE for pre-order! Check it out!

Happy Reading! Have a cool and relaxing weekend. Stay safe out there!

~~ Brynn


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