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Today, Her Fantasy Comes True

Good morning! Tuesday Afternoons is uploaded everywhere. It's Live at Amazon and iTunes, but it will be available on Nook and Kobo soon.

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A little history about this book: almost exactly ten years ago, I wrote the original version of this book for charity. The proceeds for the first year went to benefit the family if a young lady who had tragically passed away in a fire. Seven years later, I revised and expanded the story to what it is now.

This book has some of my favorite tropes. It's kinky--man, it's got the kink. It features a drop-dead gorgeous, dominant younger man, who's obsessively in love with a woman who's eight years older. It's secret crushes coming together for an earth-shattering one-night-stand. But come on, this is a Brynn book. Is it really one night?

Here's a peek:

Tuesday Afternoons

by; Brynn Paulin

This Tuesday, her fantasy date isn’t a fantasy at all…

Most days, Casey’s commute home is boring, but today, it’s about to get oh-so-steamy. For months, she’s had sensual fantasies about a stranger she encounters every Tuesday afternoon—a younger, unobtainable man who walks the same path with her just once a week. It’s nothing more than casual acquaintance—or is it! This Tuesday, he proposes something more, an illicit encounter to indulge the desires simmering inside them both. For Casey, there’s only one answer: Yes, yes, oh, God, yes! It’s time to release her inner bad girl for a no-holds-barred Tuesday like none other.

#OWYM #GetYourKinkOn #MidWeekQuickie #InstaLove #SuperSafe

(Keep scrolling for the excerpt)

An Excerpt:

But Tuesdays…

On Tuesday evenings, for the last three months, he’d walked the same path she did and been her “date”, though she was sure he had no idea.

Her heartbeat thudded as Mr. Hotness invaded her thoughts once more, and a quiver shot through her pelvis as she thought of his blue eyes and easy smile, the way his floppy brown hair drooped over his forehead and the exquisite structure of his bones beneath his tanned skin. He was nearly pretty, yet undeniably rugged. Though he seemed laidback, an air of command surrounded him, and that more than anything had gained his admission into her fantasies.

Earlier today, she’d caught herself in a full-on daydream about him. Even thinking about it now, her body heated and she felt invisible hands sliding over her skin. She knew he’d have just the right touch, his slightly callused his fingertips arousing her senses. A few weeks ago, he’d stopped her from falling on her face when she’d tripped on a loose piece of sidewalk, and the feel of his skin had been permanently emblazoned on her memories.

Her nipples tightened as she imagined his fingers rasping over the tips, pinching and pulling in a manner that would have her panting. Then his mouth would take one of the peaks, sucking at it and dragging his teeth over the sensitive flesh.

A shuddering breath echoed through her empty office as electric excitement rifled through her to her pussy, accompanied by a heated rush of arousal. That slick sensation turned her on even more as she envisioned those same callused fingers rubbing over her clit then sinking one then two into her slippery folds. Would he torment her until she cried out, begging for release? Would he finger-fuck her until she fell apart around his large hand, screaming his name—

“And just what is his name, Casey?” she chided herself, dragging herself back to reality even as her body vibrating with desire. If only he’d touch her the way she dreamed. But as much as she might want it, that wasn’t the nature of their relationship. They were strangers, and he had no idea she lusted after him—at least, she didn’t think he did. She hoped he didn’t!

Anxious to be on her way and not wanting to be late for her casual encounter, Casey locked her desk, grabbed her purse then headed out of the office suite where she worked. Her shoes tapped on the black marble floors as she headed for the elevator without really noticing the decorative architecture that dated back to the building’s construction in the 1800s. Her only concern was getting to the sidewalk below and in the path of her mystery guy.

She swallowed, smoothing a hand over her glossy brown hair, as she thought of her “date”. At first, they hadn’t spoken, though she’d immediately noticed him with his dark, curling hair, chiseled features and the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. A summer breeze had played the brown tendrils that had fallen over one brow. He’d grinned at her, mischief in his eyes, and she’d been hooked.

She still didn’t know his name.

She didn’t know his age, though he was definitely several years younger than her thirty-three years.

She didn’t know what brought him downtown at five o’clock on Tuesdays and Tuesdays only.

By tacit agreement, they’d never shared details like that.

You’re just an idiot with a huge crush, Casey admonished herself as she left the building and marched half a block north, her heels a staccato beat on the sidewalk. So what if his presence made her a little wet? Okay, very wet. So what if she thought of him when she was alone in her bed with only a battery-run toy as company? So what if she wanted to fuck him into next week? Or…maybe, longer. Probably, longer.

She bit her lip and attempted, rather unsuccessfully, to drag her thoughts from the image of their slick, naked bodies sliding against each other as his cock—

“Might rain.”

Casey jumped as a deep voice interrupted her torrid thoughts. Pressing a hand to her cheek, she wondered if her face flamed from her arousal. If he had any idea what she’d been thinking… God, she hoped not. Swallowing, she smiled as he stepped away from the building where they always met. His warm hand enclosed hers, and a shudder of longing tore through her to flutter wildly, low in her belly. The hand holding had been a nice development. That had been new two weeks ago. His callused fingers had nonchalantly taken hers as they’d walked. She’d tried to act equally nonchalant, while her heart had thundered in her ears. Perhaps, it wasn’t normal between strangers, but she didn’t care.

“Ugh. Autumn rain is so miserable.”

He tapped the briefcase slung over his shoulder. “I’ve got an umbrella. I’ll keep you dry.”

Too late for that, she thought.

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Happy Reading!!

~~ Brynn

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