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Wednesday Daily Joe - 5 Movies Hollywood Should Remake

Happy Hump Day, y'all !!

For today's "Rando Topic of the Week", I'm thinking about movies. Specifically, movie I’d like to see remade. I mean Hollywood is bent on redoing everything (and I definitely protest some of them!) so why not give my wish list.

I am well aware that these my be unpopular choices to some people, but hear me out. These are my 5 choices.

1 Jaws. Okay, hear me out. Jaws is one of my favorite movies, but can you imagine what they could do with some CGI and today's conspiracy theorists? Gold!!

2 An Officer and a Gentleman. Again, one of my all-time favorite movies, but there are so many updates they could do. And maybe this time, he's training to be a Navy SEAL.

And now I have book ideas in my head. Shoot.

3 ET. DON'T HATE ME!! Again, I think this could be epic with today's movie tech. Plus, I think the story could add a little more and open itself up for a sequel. I'd kinda love a reversal on another planet, too.

Now, going a little more obscure:

4 My Name is Doris. What a lame and disappointing ending! Come on Hollywood! You can do better. Doris needs to actually GET HER MAN!

5 Girls Just Want to Have Fun. This one would just be a blast to have remade, with more antics and all the musical fun. Perhaps a little longer ending so we can see past that winning moment.

Just me? That's okay.

Honorable Mention: The Reluctant Debutante (but it was remade as What a Girl Wants in 2003- A film, I also love)

BONUS: 5 Movies that should NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be remade:

  1. The Princess Bride

  2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  3. The Breakfast Club

  4. To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (though admittedly, I think this is the stupidest title ever)

  5. Galaxy Quest





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