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Sizzle Beach

Fling With The Secret Sheik
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For twenty-five years, I’ve been the good girl. Toed the line; followed all the rules. So when I go out of town for my final spring break for college, I’m ready to have my last hurrah before graduating and entering “real” adult life.

My first day in my tropical paradise, I run into Mr. Tall, Dark and Dominant and find myself falling head over heels into the very fling I’d searched for. It’s all too good to be true. It’s a week of bliss. Until I find out he’s been keeping a secret, and he has a life I could never be a part of. I can’t ever be more than a temporary distraction.

But that’s what flings are, right? They’re not for real life. They’re for the instant then left behind. But even momentary idylls have consequences. The question is, am I ready to pay them?

Fifty Shades of Sun






What a way to spend the summer! I’m wiling away every day on the beach, surrounded by sun, surf and pretty girls. But I’m on the lookout for just one girl who will steal my heart.


My brother found love in Sizzle Beach, and it seems like a good idea to me. But I needed a cover. No one can know I’m the brother of a sheik or the CFO of our oil company. So here I am, taking a long vacation from my job and joining the Sizzle Beach Ocean Rescue as a lifeguard. When I see the red-headed beauty, whose hair seems to reflect fifty shades of sunlight, I’m captivated and I need to make her mine.



Taking summer vacation in the sizzling hot of Sizzle Beach wasn’t exactly what I’d planned for this year. But my sister is getting married here. To my dismay, I seem to be a hot target for all the single frat guys attending, so when the tall, dark and handsome lifeguard takes an interest in me, I know exactly what to do—talk him into being my date for this wedding fiasco.


Problem is…what about afterward? Because I find myself more than attracted to Tarek. I could see myself staying in Sizzle Beach for longer than a week, just to be with him. But that’s not how summer vacation works. So what will we do when Sunday rolls around and I need to say goodbye?

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Sizzle Beach Ocean Rescue has been my life since my junior year in high school, and now that I’ve graduated college, I’ve joined the Fire Rescue. They send me where they need me, which in the summer has me right back on the lifeguard stand. There are worse places to be. Like up a five-alarm blaze with no fire hose. I feel right at home on the sand and in the water. That’s where I see her, all alone on her towel, attracting me like the beach calls to the tide every night. I try to resist, but when I see her day after day, there’s nothing I can do but get to know this girl on a beach blanket.



Coming to Sizzle Beach with my best friend, to work at her grandparents’ resort hotel seemed like the perfect getaway from my life. Fresh out of a breakup, downsized out of my job and homeless after a police standoff gone bad, leaving town seemed written in the stars. To be clear, I’m not the criminal they were after, but the fun I plan to have on the beach, probably should be illegal. Me, my bikini and my beach blanket will get some quality time on the sand far away from all my worries—once my shift at the resort is over, of course.


And if I have a good time with one of the local lifeguards, that’s just sea foam atop the perfect waves. Problem is, Logan makes me think of life after the summer, but he has his future all together, everything perfectly planned. Where does a hot mess like me fit into that?

Girl on a Beach Blanket
Guy With A Starfish Tattoo





The guys vacationing here think the girl lifeguards of the Sizzle Beach Ocean Rescue are like the babes on that popular TV show. We’re not. Not completely anyway. I mean, we can kick butt, too. We can save a mouthwatering tattooed guy who gets in trouble swimming on a red flag day. If he happens to be my ex… Well, maybe I should have let him drown. But hey, it’s my job to save lives. Even his.


I don’t know how I ended up in the water. No, really, I don’t. I recall just about everything from my life until a few hours before that. Like that the starfish on my side is a tribute to my little starfish, my ex Breezy. I clearly recall how she broke up with me because she thought I cheated on her. As if I would! Even with this episodic amnesia, I know I’d never want anyone but her. Never. And I remember the time since then in perfect, gray-scale clarity. Until a few hours before she plucked me out of the water.

But hey! Now that we're here, I’m beginning my campaign to get my starfish back.

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Not Another Beach Romance





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Lord of the Life Rings
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Midnight Lifeguard
Holiday Secret
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