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Forbidden Obsession

He shouldn’t do it. He really shouldn’t do it…

When Channing O’Connell discovers his sister-in-law has been abused by his twin brother, he knows he must step in and rescue her from the perilous situation. Surely, he can control his lust long enough to get her to the bus station and out of danger.

So much for the best laid plans… On the way to safety, a freak storm blows in and strands them in the middle of nowhere. Alone together, passion flares, and Channing surrenders to his forbidden obsession.

Author note: This isn't your normal Brynn book. It's dirty and taboo and contains some elements that may be triggering to some readers. You've been warned.

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The perks of this job include an invitation to a swinger’s party, but beware: the boss wants far more than overtime in return.


It’s the same every day: an online job, keeping house, cooking dinner and sex on Tuesdays and Saturdays—and not good sex either. After ten years together, things have grown boring. Well, boring when my husband isn't on a rampage. Then his boss invites us to a Friday-night party. I expect the usual BS: barbecue and shop-talk. Boy am I in for a shock! My husband’s a dick and his boss wants me. And the decision is completely out of my hands.


WARNING: Look, this isn't a sweet, nice book. It's a little dark and a lot taboo. If you're looking for flowers, roses and sugary sweet, this book isn't for you. If you're looking for something gritty with a lot of gray area, I got you, girl. But of course, there's an HEA... This is still a Brynn book, after all.

Kindle Unlimited Only

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