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The Prince's Syn

(Tales Undone - Book 1)



Fairy tales with a twist!



It was a dare. Dance with the prince my not-so-nice roomies are crushing on. If I win the bet, they have to wait on me for the rest of the term. I never intended to fall for him. I can't. I'm stuck with the evil roommates until the end of this school year. Stealing their conquest will only make things worse.


My intent was to dance and run. But Jacob has other ideas.



I have a month to find my princess. And if I don't find the woman of my dreams? Well, I'll be stuck in the arranged marriage constructed by my father. No, thank you. I was losing hope. But then I met Syn. Perfect woman? Found! But convincing her to be mine? That's another problem. First I have to find her. Then I'll make it clear, I'm her one and only and forever after.

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The Prince's Syn
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