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Bad Boy Biker Boots

Bad Boy Biker Boots

(The Bad Boys - 1)



First, I end up at a dive bar.

Second, my date stands me up.


Third, the sorority squad from my psych class shows up. I think they’re slumming it and looking for trouble. They’re sure ogling trouble over there playing pool in his bad boy biker boots. 


So when they start in on me, making fun at me for being alone and calling me a plain Jane nerd, I take matters into my very Type-A hands. Challenge accepted. I march right over to Biker Boots and throw myself into his arms. And he kisses me back! 


Uh-oh. What am I going to do now?

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Bad Boy Bossy Pants
BB - Bad Boy Bossy Pants2023B.jpg

Bad Boy Bossy Pants

(The Bad Boys 2)



Being a billionaire is fantastic until…


It’s not. I command my world but I can’t buy the two things I want: The woman I desire and a miracle. Neither are for sale. And both are out of my reach.


I’m one-hundred percent in love with my best friend’s sister. I have been for years, and she just told me she’s moving away. Like heck, she is. Not without me. I’ve been her rock for the past six years. She needs me.


Okay, I need her just as much.


The other thing? The miracle? My girl thinks she’s broken because she can’t hear. To me, she’s perfect. But because I would give everything to heal her, she thinks only I want to fix her.


She couldn’t be more wrong. She’s my world, exactly as she is. Now, I just need to convince her of that before it’s too late.

Bad Boy Babymaker

Bad Boy Babymaker

(The Bad Boys - 3)





I spend my time impregnating women. Make no mistake, though. I never sleep with them. I’m just doing my job and dispassionately wandering through my days. Nothing much excites me. I’ve definitely never been attracted to a patient. Until Bianca Porter ends up in my office. I’m supposed to be the go-between for her surrogacy.


Not happening. She’s not getting pregnant. Not until I make her mine and give her my baby.




I’m looking to escape my life and this mess I’ve been roped into. When Dr. Lewis offers me a way out, I jump for it. Hopefully I’m not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.


But if he’s in the fire with me, it might not be so bad. All I know is, one look at Dr. Babymaker and I’ve got one thing on my mind. Forever with this man.

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Bad Boy Bandleader
BB - Bad Boy Bandleader 2023.jpg

Bad Boy Bandleader

(The Bad Boys 4)




No lie, I have always crushed on the bad boy of rock, Ryder McKenzie. In the privacy of my bedroom, I fantasized about getting away from my evil stepmother and maybe seeing one of his concerts. In all those dreams, I never imagined I'd suddenly be free and Ryder would be my rescuer.


Now, I'm on the road with my rock idol, acting as his assistant and fake girlfriend. Problem is, none of it feels make believe at all.



It's all real. Every single bit. Lottie is mine, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. Now that I have my perfect girl, I'm never letting go.

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