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A misdirected email...

It's a smidge later than I'd anticipated, but Alek is now live!! This is a short, fast romp so I ended up placing it as Kindle Unlimited and for only 99 little pennies!

This was a fun little story, I originally wrote for All Romance eBooks back in the day. I had the distinction of being one of their bestselling authors, so I was invited to write a story for this special line they were doing, Perfect Strangers. The characters had to be strangers who got together, and it had to be short and steamy and this sure is.

I also incorporated two of my favorite things: a sexy foreign lover and a couple who fell in love through letters. Bonus points for the fact it was a misdirected email that got them together.

Sometimes, I like to show the evolution of a book. Here it is from birth to now.

And here's a peek at what it's all about:


by Brynn Paulin

One misdirected email changed everything…

For months, Caroline Silver has been emailing a stranger she met purely by accident on the internet. Their nightly cyber-liaisons are perfect—low risk and high fantasy. That is until Caro’s dream man asks her to meet him.

Alek Lebedev has wooed Caro for months from his home in Croatia. When he has the opportunity to visit the United States, he jumps at the chance to finally meet the woman who’s been tantalizing him. Though she says no to the face-to-face encounter, Alek knows exactly how to break down her walls. He’s sure he can persuade her to turn that “No” into “Oh, yes!”

But can one steamy night of lovemaking lead to forever, or will they remain strangers bound only by the anonymous words they’ve written?

NOTE: This book was originally released as With Love, Alek. This is a fast and flirty book. Insta-love? Oh, yes. When it comes to passion, these two run right on in.

Happy reading!




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