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Amazon Policies

Lucky you! A second post today. Sorry...

I was going to leave this alone but...there's something I need to say about the issue.

I have added this notation to my website:

"3-29-18 Statement on current Amazon issues: As experienced by many other authors, both Indie and Mainstream, many of my books have been unfairly stripped of their sales ranks and reclassified as erotica. To my readers, please know, though I write sexy books, I do not now, nor have I ever written erotica. I write romance."

To my fellow romance writers: This is not the first time Amazon has done this. Some years ago, almost all of my books (as well as many other's books) were reclassified and "hidden" behind an adult filter. That was worse than this, actually. My advice: change your keywords, update your listings and keep ALL of your websites/blogs/socials up-to-date. Use your newsletters. Keep advertising. The tides will change again. In the meanwhile, keep in touch with your readers. Amazon has never been in the business of helping readers find us. That's all on us, the writers.

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