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February Writing Recap

That title sounds a little more auspicious than it is. I've gotten a lot done with writing this month, but not as much as I wanted (spoiler alert: it's never as much as I want). Even though it's not the end of the month, I'm posting today because I have the amazing Wendi Zwaduk/Megan Slayer as a guest on my blog tomorrow.

First and foremost: I have my new website up and running (yay!!!!). This includes my new blog where I'm committed to writing something, at least a few lines, every weekday. So far so good. I've actually made up a blog schedule and that's helping. A writing recap like this one will happen at the end of every month. A monthly book rec post will also happen toward the end of every month. I will have a guest every Wednesday (as often as I can anyway) and on Mondays, I will post a Flash Fiction story. Of course, in between, there will be writing tips and updates and who knows what else. My head can be a pretty random place some days (this morning I wrote about my pen OCD in my journal. Yes, pens. That might make it to the blog someday, lol)

I've continued to work on Scrivener this month and it remains a game changer with my writing. I'm so glad it's finally clicked with me. It's been amazing to work with.

Okay...actual book updates:

1. I am just about 1/3 through the novella I'm subbing to Kindle Worlds. I think I'll be done with it the end of next week.

2. I am about 1/2 through my next billionaire book and I anticipate that will be complete about mid-March. It will go up for pre-order at that time for release in April.

3. I've started a new Daly Way book. I plan to have it complete by the end of March. The cover for it will be something completely new and won't look like the other covers. This new branch of the series will be done by a new cover artist. It's possible the entire series will have a new look in 2019. This book will also release in April.

That's about it for writing updates. Be sure to visit tomorrow when I'll have my guest Wendi Zwaduk/Megan Slayer here!




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