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Here's Another Goof-up to File

Sigh... You guys, I'm really good with technology but sometimes I'm a fail-bot. I have a bunch of you signed up to get notifications from my blog. And......I've had a bunch of you saying you weren't getting posts.

I don't know why but the default for my site was to have notifications turned off. I didn't know it. I mean...why allow sign ups if you're not going to send anything? Am I right??

So...the point here is: the problem is fixed and you should all be getting post notifications now.

In case you've missed them, here are links to the last three posts:

You Can't Fight Destiny - the one where I give insider info on Grave Destiny

There's Trouble...Trouble in the Pacific Ocean - the one where I explain how Benedict Cumberbatch helped me write Stranded With The Billionaire

Hey! That's What I Did - my recap of my super-productive, super-insane October and a peek at my plans for November.

Thanks for being the most awesome readers around!!




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