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New Release: Runaway Cowgirl

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Okay, kids, here's the truth. I'm really bad at waiting. Terrible in fact. So I'm not waiting to announce my news. RUNAWAY COWGIRL IS LIVE!!!

Runaway Cowgirl is part of Kelly Elliott's Wanted Kindle World.

For a long time, I was like...uh...I don't know if I want to do that, write a book for Kindle Worlds... But you know what? I really love the Wanted series and the possibility of being part of it was just too enticing. For those familiar with the books, Scott Reynolds and Ari Johnson make cameo appearances, with mentions of Garrett and Emma Mathews, Gunner and Ellie Mathews, and Jeff Johnson.

Here's a look at the story:



I was in love with him all my life. I thought we were best friends. I thought he loved me too. The day everything changed between us, I gave myself to him. I thought we’d finally be together. I was his and he was mine. Then I found out it was all a big joke. I meant nothing to him. Never had. That was the day I left Mason and stopped being silly little Jorie. No one would hurt me like that again. If I never set foot in Mason again, it would be a day too soon.

But now my gran is dying and she wants me home. She’s the only one who ever really mattered to me. I can’t let her down.

The question is: Do I confront the boy who crushed me or do I move on and pretend it never happened, that he meant nothing to me?

Tough choice. He’s not hurting me again.


I know what happened. Jorie heard something she shouldn’t have, but I’m not the jerk she thinks I am. She left, taking my heart with her. I tried, but I could never find her. Never heard another word from her. Apparently, I meant nothing to this girl. For five years, I’ve hurt and let bitterness settle in. I buried myself in saving my family’s dying ranch and forgetting her. Now, things are looking up and I’m finally ready to move on.

But now, Jorie’s back and I’m torn: Do I make things right between us or do I keep moving on, forget our past and the first love who destroyed my heart?

Tough choice. She’s not hurting me again.


“Jorie’s back in town.”

I stared at my old friend, Scott Reynolds, not quite comprehending what he was saying.

“Jorie…Holland?” I asked slowly.

“Do you know another one?”

“No.” Unfortunately. I only knew one Jorie, and I wasn’t thrilled to hear she was back, even if the news made my chest a little tight and knotted up my stomach with the anticipation of seeing her after all these years. I wondered how she’d matured, if she’d kept her light brown hair long—God, I hoped she had. I wondered who was in her life now and what she’d been doing and why she was back after all this time.

Not that I cared. Not after she’d cut and run on me and left me destroyed. She hadn’t even given me a chance to talk to her, talk through what was bothering her, what had upset her so much. Of course, I didn’t suppose that mattered to her. If it had, she would have talked to me, called me, answered my emails…something.

“What’s she doing back?” I asked as we walked toward the barn where he had a horse for me to see. I relied on him to find the perfect stock for my vacation ranch. He never let me down.

Scott shrugged. “She’s visiting her grandma. Look… Shit, Nash, I know what went down between you two—at least, what you’ve told me. But take it from someone who knows: talk to her. Listen to her. I almost fucked it all up with Jessie after she ran off to Belize. Don’t do what I did. Get her side of the story and hash it out between you. We’ve all seen y’all growing up and in high school. If anyone was meant to be together, it’s you two.”

“I don’t know about that. This is different,” I replied. “At least, you had Jessie back after five weeks. It’s been five years for me, man. I don’t think there’s anything left for us.”

“Do you want there to be?”

“I don’t know. We were best friends. I know she was upset about something, but she hurt me. Bad.” That might not be manly to admit, but I’d known Scott longer than I’d known Jorie. If anyone knew what I’d been through with that girl and how I felt about her, it was him.

“I don’t think I can go there with her again,” I admitted. “If she’s here for a visit, I’ll do my best not to see her before she leaves.”

God, it would gut me to see her, to see how beautiful she’d become—and I knew she had. There was no way she hadn’t. And if she was here with someone? Fuck… My vision darkened slightly at the thought.

Scott shook his head. “And if she stays?” he asked. “What if she’s back for good?”

I shrugged. “We’re strangers now. I’ll do my thing, and she can do hers.”

And now, I was lying out of my ass. The look he gave me said he damn well knew it, too.

“Right,” he laughed in disbelief. “Fine, dude. Whatever you say,” he said. “Let me show you that horse. I think she’ll be a great ride for your tourists.”

He paused and pinned me with a stare. “Just one thing: think long and hard before you write Jorie off. Think about what you really want. I don’t even want to consider what life would be if I hadn’t given Jessie a chance when she came back from Belize.”

I should have known he wouldn’t let it lie. Problem was: Jorie wrote me off a long time ago.

Have a great weekend!




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