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Hey! That's What I Did!

It's time for my October month in review, and it's a big one! I'm also laying out my November plans.

In September, I received rights back for all my books that weren't already fully mine because my publisher was closing. However, they weren't down off vendor sites until October so there wasn't much I could do...but once they were down, I went to town.

I started the month by reviewing the Taboo Wishes series, then I did a couple single books and started on Daly Way. I rereleased:

3. Taboo Holiday (was Yuletide Greetings)

I also distributed Runaway Cowgirl, Billionaire Auction and Boy Toys wide -- wide meaning to vendors beside just Amazon. Previously, that was the only place to get those books.

In addition to the rereleases, I also had two new books this month!!!

I can't even thank all of you enough for all your support as I transition and bring you new work, too!

What can you expect for November? What are my plans?

Well, there will be more rereleases. The final Taboo Wishes (for the moment) will come out today, and I'll be releasing the rest of the Daly Way books. In addition to these, you will have a new Daly Way book at mid-month. It will be a normal-length Daly Way. I will also be releasing a Daly Way, Slice of Life Short Story this month. Release date to be determined, but I think it will be close to Thanksgiving.

Breaking it down:

1. Finish Daly Way and Taboo Wishes rereleases. Also rerelease Tribute for the Goddess.

2. Release TWO Daly Way books, one normal length and one short (although we'll see on that. The short may develop into something normal length)

3. Complete Sexy Beaches project book for December, Santa Secret.

4. Learn my solo for the Christmas concert I'm part of in December.

5. Bake pumpkin stuff!!!

6. Blog once a week (at least) and Newsletter twice a month.

7. Release On Your Knees and Stranded With The Billionaire in print.

Simple, busy, doable.

Much love!

~~ Brynn



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